Magelis Hmi Gto Advanced Optimum Panels Page 2-3 Magelis GTO Advanced Optimum panels

2/3 Configuration Like all the other Magelis Advanced panels, Magelis GTO Advanced Optimum panels can be configured using Vijeo Designer software in a Windows XP and Windows 7 environment. Vijeo Designer software boasts an advanced user interface with many configurable windows, enabling projects to be developed quickly and easily. The Magelis GTO range is compatible with Vijeo Designer version V6.1 or later. For more information on Vijeo Designer, please refer to our website Display of a video sequence Communication Advanced Optimum panels communicate with PLCs via one or two integrated serial links, using communication protocols: bb Schneider Electric (Uni-TE, Modbus) bb Third-party: Mitsubishi Electric, Omron, Allen-Bradley and Siemens Depending on the model, they can be connected to Ethernet TCP/IP networks using: bb A Modbus TCP protocol bb An Ethernet TCP/IP protocol bb or a third party protocol USB accessories for HMI terminals The MagelisTM USB accessories are designed to expand the selection range of user applications by offering value-added/differentiated HMI solutions. These innovative USB accessories can be easily installed and operated with HMI terminals. The Magelis USB accessories supported by Mageis GTO include: bb Harmony XVGU USB tower light bb Harmony XB5S biometric USB switch bb Magelis HMIZ illuminated USB switch For more information on HMI USB accessories, please refer to our website Presentation (continued) Operator dialogue terminals Magelis TM GTO Advanced Optimum panels Ethernet TCP/IP CANopen Premium Quantum Modicon M258 Modicon STB HMIGTO XBTGK HMIGTW ATV71 Modicon M258 Modbus / Uni-Telway Twido HMIGTO XBTGH XBTGTW Description: page 2/6 References: page 2/11 Connections: page 2/22 Substitution: page 2/21 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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