Magelis Hmi Gtu Universal Panels Page 15 References

15 References (continued) Operator dialogue terminals Magelis GTU Universal Panels Replacement parts Presentation: page 6 Description: page 10 Connections: page 20 Substitution: page 19 Cables for application transfer - Terminal to PC Type of terminal (terminal end connector) Connector (PC end ) Type Length m/ ft Reference (1) Weight kg/ lb HMIGTU USB 1.80/ 5.91 BMXXCAUSBH018 Printer connection cables Type of printer (2) Connector (printer end ) Type Length m/ ft Reference Weight kg/ lb HMIGTU panels SUB-D female 25-way RS-232C (COM2) 2.5/ 8.20 XBTZ915 0.200/ 0.441 Serial printer for HMIGTU panels SUB-D female 9-way USB/RS-232C 1.80/ 5.91 HMIZURS Adapters and isolation boxes for HMIGTU panels These 3 adapters are used with the connection cables depending on the application concerned. For example, the XBTZ968 cable is used with the XBTZG909 adapter, to connect a Twido controller (via its terminal port) to an XBTGT2 pp 0 terminal (via its COM1 port). Description Type of connector (automation product end) Physical link (HMIGTU terminal end) Length m/ ft Reference Weight kg/ lb Adapter for HMIGTU 25-way SUB-D connector RJ45 connector 0.2/ 0.66 XBTZG939 Adapters for HMIGTU (COM2 port) 25-way SUB-D connector 9-way SUB-D connector, RS-232C 0.2/ 0.66 XBTZG919 Description For use with Link to isolate Reference Weight kg/ lb Serial link isolation units for HMIGTU - Isolated link on 9-way SUB-D connector (3) - Box power supply via USB port of terminal. Incorporates a USB port expander. RS-232C/RS-485 (COM2) XBTZGI232 (1) Cable included (depending on model) with Vijeo Designer software packages (refer to HMI Configuration Software catalog). (2) Parallel printer (see page 9). (3) Male connector with XBTZGI232. XBTZGI485

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