Magelis Hmi Gtu Universal Panels Page 20 References

20 References (continued) Operator dialogue terminals Magelis GTU Universal panels Connection accessories Presentation: page 6 Description: page 12 Connections: page 22 Substitution: page 21 TSXSCA62 TSXPACC01 TSXSCA64 VW3A8306TF10 Connection of Magelis terminals via serial links and Ethernet network Type of bus/ network Tap-offunits Connector (tap-offunit end) Terminal type Length m/ ft Reference Weight kg/ lb Uni-Telway serial link Subscriber socket TSXSCA62 15-way female SUB-D HMIGTU 3/ 9.84 VW3A8306 0.150/ 0.331 Connection box TSXPACC01 8-way female mini-DIN HMIGTU 2.5/ 8.20 XBTZ9780 0.180/ 0.396 Modbus serial link Subscriber socket TSXSCA64 15-way female SUB-D HMIGTU 3/ 9.84 VW3A8306 0.150/ 0.331 T-junction box With integrated cable, RJ45 fitted HMIGTU 1/ 6.56 VW3A8306TF10 Ethernet TCP/IP network Hubs 499 NEH/NOH Switches 499 NES, 499 NMS, 499 NSS and 499 NOS RJ45 HMIGTU 2/ 6.56 490NTW00002 5/ 16.40 490NTW00005 12/ 39.37 490NTW00012 40/ 131.23 490NTW00040 80/ 262.47 490NTW00080 Connection of Magelis terminals to fieldbuses Type of bus/network Connection components Type of terminal Reference Weight kg/ lb FIPWAY, FIPIO USB gateway HMIGTU (only on Premium Box) TSXCUSBFIP Modbus Plus USB gateway HMIGTU (only on Premium Box) XBTZGUMP HMIGTU (only on Open Box) TSXCUSBMBP CANopen (Slave) Copla Magelis module HMIGTU HMIZGCAN Profibus DP (Slave) Copla Magelis module HMIGTU HMIZGPDP

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