Magelis Hmi Gtu Universal Panels Page 22 References

22 Connections Operator dialogue terminals Magelis GTU Universal panels Connection system HMIGTU terminals and Schneider Electric products (1) p defines the length: - 0 m/0 ft, 2.5 m/8.20 ft (elbowed connector) - 1 m/3.28 ft, 5 m/16.40 ft - 6 m/19.68 ft, 16 m/52.49 ft - 7 m/22.96 ft, 20 m/65.61 ft - 8 m/26.24 ft, 25 m/82.02 ft Presentation: page 6 Description: page 12 References: pages 13 Substitution: page 21 990NAA26320, 9-way SUB-D Modicon Quantum XBTZG919 XBTZ9710, 9-way SUB-D XBTZ9711 , RJ45 Momentum M1 XBTZ988 , HE 13 Modicon STB STBXCA4002 , HE 13 Modicon M340 TSXPCX1031 , mini-DIN Twido XBTZ9018 , mini-DIN XBTZ9008 Nano XBTZG909 XBTZ968 , 8-way mini-DIN Modicon TSX Micro XBTZG939 XBTZ968 p , 8-way mini-DIN (1) Modicon Premium XBTZ9780 , 8-way mini-DIN TSXPACC01 (box) XBTZ9782 VW3A8306R p 0 , RJ45 TeSys U XBTZ938 , RJ45 ATV31/61/71 XBTZ9980 ATS48 Lexium 05 LU9GC3 (splitter box) Modicon Quantum XBTZ918 , 25-way SUB-D TSXSCY2160 p XBTZ908 , 15-way SUB-D VW3A8306 , 15-way SUB-D TSXSCA62/64 VW3A8306TF10 (T-junction) XBTZ9982 Modicon M238/M258/M2 p 1 XBTZ9980 Modicon M340 BMXXCAUSBH018 Modicon M340 RS485 + XBTZGI232 if with isolation RS485 RS232C COM2 port 9-way SUB-D COM1 port RJ45 HMIGTU USB Type A port

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