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23 Connections (continued) Operator dialogue terminals Magelis GTU Universal panels Connection system HMIGTU terminals and third-party PLCs XBTZG979 , terminals Mitsubishi FX CPU, A CPU, Ana CPU , Melee XBTZGCOM1 XBTZG9778 , ly. leads XBTZG9775 , 8-way mini-DIN Mitsubishi FX CPU , Melee XBTZG949 , terminals XBTZG9722 , ly. leads RS422 serial devices XBTZG9773 , 25-way SUB-D Mitsubishi A CPU , Melsec XBTZG919 + XBTZ980 Mitsubishi FX CPU Omron CQM1, CVM1 , Sysmac XBTZG9731 , 25-way SUB-D Mitsubishi A Link , Melsec Rockwell , DF1-Full Duplex XBTZG919 XBTZ9730 , 9-way SUB-D XBTZ9731 , 25-way SUB-D XBTZ9720 , 25-way SUB-D XBTZG9772 , 9-way SUB-D Mitsubishi Q Link , Melsec XBTZG9774 , 8-way mini-DIN Mitsubishi Q CPU , Melsec XBTZG9740 , 9-way SUB-D Omron CQM1, CVM1 , Sysmac XBTZ9740 , 9-way SUB-D XBTZ979 , 9-way SUB-D Siemens S7 , Simatic MPI XBTZG9292 , 9-way SUB-D XBTZG909 XBTZ9732, RJ45 Rockwell Micro-Logix , DH 485 XBTZG939 XBTZ9721 , 9-way SUB-D Siemens S7 , Simatic PPI XBTZG9721 , 9-way SUB-D Siemens S7 , Simatic PPI & MPI VW3A8306D30 , ly. leads XBTZGCOM2 XBTZG949 , terminals RS485 serial devices RS485 COM2 port 9-way SUB-D HMIGTU RS422 (1) RS232C COM1 port RJ45 RS485 + XBTZGI232 if with isolation Application transfer from HMIGTU terminals to PC USB Type A USB Type mini-B HMIGTU XBTZG935 BMXXCAUSBH018 USB port Presentation: page 6 Description: page 12 References: pages 13 Substitution: page 21

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