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24 Presentation HMI configuration software Vijeo Connect for HMI secure remote access Presentation Vijeo Connect provides a secure connection between remote display units on the work site(via SiteManagerEmbedded) andcomputersorsmartdevicesintheice (via LinkManager) over a secure central server (GateManager). With Vijeo Connect, maintenance personnel can access Schneider Electric software and update it remotely and securely via the HMI, PLC, and other connected devices as if they were on site. Troubleshooting and repair can also be performed remotely upon request. Vijeo Connect LinkManager client for remote access runs on devices with 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows Vista operating systems. Architecture The Vijeo Connect solution comprises three components: b GateManager: The GateManager server operates as a central point for the LinkManager and SiteManager users. Both the SiteManager and the LinkManager must be registered with the GateManager before access is provided to the server network. This creates an encrypted connection where the network status is checked between display units and remote computers. b SiteManager Embedded (1) : The SiteManager is the embedded component in the existing HMI configuration software. It is the device-monitoring front end for multiple industrial devices in a remote location and enables uninterrupted secure access to GateManager. It is available to purchase in two license formats: v Basic, for accessing 1 display unit and registering up to 2 agents per display unit v Extended, for accessing external IP devices (PLCs, i PCs, Server, Web camera, etc.) on the same network as the display unit and registering five or more agents per unit b LinkManager/LinkManager Mobile: The LinkManager is the client on the remote operators' computer. After installation, the user will be able to securely connect to the GateManager and remotely access the devices represented by the agents on the SiteManager, including the HMI and its connected devices. LinkManager Mobile is a lightweight version that can be used for Web-enabled devices such as PLCs, smartphones, or tablets to connect to SiteManager. Vijeo Connect compatibility The following Magelis HMIs are compatible with Vijeo Connect (including SiteManager Embedded): b Magelis S-Panel i PC (Performance and Optimized) b Magelis Box i PC (Modular Universal/Performance, S-Box Universal) b Magelis GTU terminals b Magelis GTO terminals (2) (1) The setup method for SiteManager Embedded differs depending on the display unit. For more information, please refer to the Vijeo Connect User Guide available on our website (2) Except for HMIGTO1300 and HMIGTO2300 . Vijeo Connect Vijeo Connect for remote programming access to the HMI and its connected devices

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