Magelis Hmi Gtu Universal Panels Page 3 Magelis GTU Universal panels

3 General presentation (continued) Operator dialogue terminals Magelis GTU Universal panels Simplified installation and maintenance, Ready for IIoT with Data Management Magelis GTU An HMI adapted for Magelis GTU panel box units have SD or CFast card slots for huge external data storage. Operate intuitively and comfortably (continued) Operatoriciencywithgoodvisualization > High-resolution screen with 16 M colors for a crystal-clear view > 16/9 Wide display available in 5 sizes (7", 10", 12", 15", 19") for easy sharing of images with external multimedia devices > LED backlight for maximum screen comfort with excellent brightness, complete dimming (100 levels), and auto-adjustment to environment Simplified installation and maintenance > Parts can be replaced individually thanks to the modular design > Easy installation with anti-drop retractable embedded fasteners and no accessories > Robust panel housed in an aluminum material with high temperature resistance (up to 60 C) > Dual removable storage units in Box modules speed up maintenance of terminals > Easy migration of Magelis GTU panels with Smart display as these displays have cut-outs similar to Magelis XBTGT and Magelis GTW Insert protruding points on box into holes on the display Pull the box LOCK forward Push the box LOCK backward Ready for IIoT with Data Management > Dual LAN (Local Area Network) separates IT and PLC communication for better performance and data security > Managealltypesofdata withOpenHMI:iceandPDF documents,CAD files, Web pages, and Multimedia (sound and video) > Database link or data analysis with IDS (Intelligent Data Service) and Vijeo XL (Line Management configuration tool) Software used on Open Box > Leverage plant floor-to-enterprise communication with OPC-UA interface on Open Box IT network Device network Gigabit Ethernet for IT 10/100Base-T for Device LAN1 LAN2 Modicon M340 Modicon M580 IT network LAN1 LAN2 Device network Open Box Magelis GTU panels enable direct use of IDS (Vijeo Designer add-on) or Vijeo XL for database link and traceability.

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