Magelis Hmi Gtu Universal Panels Page 3 General presentation

3 General presentation (continued) Operator dialogue terminals Magelis GTU Universal Panels High-level performance, Smartphone-like interface High-level performance Monitoring and communication capability > Dual LAN (Local Area Network) separates IT and PLC communication for better performance and data security. > Scaler function with automatic adjustment enables Smart display units to manage application files of any display size and resolution. > Easy integration into industrial architecture via embedded dual interfaces (2 serial ports with different signal types, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 2/4 USB host ports) and an optional interface for fieldbus. Wireless connectivity with Smart WLAN display (1) > 12" Smart WLAN display offers transparent communication to all devices connected to the other two Ethernet ports of Open box, irrespective of the type of communication protocol or software used. > For flexibility, WLAN display supports two operation modes: - Access point mode: suitable for creating a wireless Ethernet infrastructure to allow connection of wireless Ethernet devices, no secondary router is required - Station mode: supports the integration into existing wireless LAN infrastructure with WLAN display being the client of an access point Operator efficiency with good visualization > Maximum screen comfort with LED backlight for excellent brightness, complete dimming (100 levels), and auto adjustment to environment > 16/9 wide Advanced display unit for easy sharing of pictures with external multimedia devices > Multi-screen option available on Open box unit where a second Magelis i Display or Monitor display can be connected via a DVI link Smartphone-like interface Optimized design > Optimized for the latest Schneider Electric HMI configuration software, Vijeo XD > Easy and comfortable handling with intuitive navigation and multi-connectivity options (including remote access) such as smartphones/tablets High-resolution multi-touch screen > Multi-touch screen supports zoom in/out, swipe, and scroll through menus even with protective gloves or protective display screen cover. > High-resolution screen with 16 M colors gives a crystal-clear view of the key functions and tools (Office Viewer, Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer, Windows Media player, etc.) as in a PC. (1) Depending on the environment, location (distance and angle), and application used and displayed on the Magelis GTU screen. Vijeo XD software IT network Device network Giga-bit Ethernet for IT 10/100Base-T for Device LAN1 LAN2 Modicon M340 Modicon M580 IT network LAN1 LAN2 Device network Magelis GTU An HMI adapted for Isolation on RJ45 and RS-485 port for reliable communication in complex grounding applications. Box units of Magelis GTU panels have SD or CFast card slots for huge external data storage. Open box Magelis GTU panels enable direct use of IDS (Vijeo Designer add-on) for database link and traceability.

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