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Applications Display of text messages, graphic objects, and synoptic views Control and configuration of data Type of display module Advanced Display Display Touchscreen, size 7" Wide 10" Wide 12" Wide Resolution (pixels) 800 x 480 1,280 x 800 Type 262 K colors, TFT Gesture support Single touch: sliding, scrolling Functions Brightness control 0...100 (Adjusted with touch panel or software) Front USB ports Optional with XBTZGUSB (Type A port) or HMIZSUSBB (Type mini-B port) Wireless antenna Backlight service life 50,000 h Dimensions External W H D mm/ in. 204 149 67/ 8.03 5.86 2.64 269 199 67/ 10.59 7.83 2.64 309 231 67/ 12.17 9.09 2.64 Cut-out W H mm/ in. 190 135/ 7.48 5.31 255 185/ 10.03 7.28 295 217/ 11.61 8.54 Supply voltage 12...24 V


Environment Operating temperature 0-60 C, Front face protection IP67 Conformity to standards EN, IEC, UL 508, CSA, ATEX, Marine Compatible box models Premium and Open box models Display module reference


Pages 13 Type of box module Premium Box CPU RISC, 600 MHz Operating system Real Time Memory RAM 256 MB Backup memory 512 KB (FRAM/MRAM) Main storage: OS with HMI application 1 GB SD card Memory storage extension SD card (up to 4 GB) Functions Real-time clock Yes, built-in Max. variables 8,000 (in Vijeo Designer) Video interface Terminal block with 1 speaker + 1 alarm + 1 buzzer output Sound input interface Sound output interface Speaker output 300 mW (rated load: 8 , frequency: 1 KHz) LINE output Rated load: 10 Kor more Alarm output/Buzzer output Yes (24 V c /50 mA or less) Communication Ethernet port x2 RJ45 (independent) Serial line RS485 (isolated) (COM1) + RS232C/RS422/RS485 (COM2) Expansion unit 1x fieldbus unit USB 2x USB 2.0 (Type A), 1x USB 2.0 (Type mini-B) Optional battery Yes (HMIZGBAT) Third-party protocols supported Siemens, Omron, Mitsubishi, Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation), ABB Compatible display units HMIDT351, HMIDT551, HMIDT651, HMIDT542, HMIDT642, HMIDT732, HMIDT752, HMIDT952 Box module reference


Pages 13 (1) HMIG5U Open Box will be discontinued in June 2018 and will be replaced by HMIG5U2 Open Box. Note : All combinations of display and box modules are possible except for HMIDT643.

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