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7 Presentation (continued), communication Operator dialogue terminals Magelis GTU Universal panels Description: page 12 References: page 15 Connections: page 22 Substitution: page 21 Presentation (continued) Configuration Like all other Magelis panels, Magelis GTU Universal panels can be configured using Vijeo Designer software in a Windows environment (1) . This software has an advanced user interface with many configurable windows enabling projects to be developed quickly and easily. Magelis GTU is also configurable with Vijeo XD software. This software with the user interface brings greater ease to project development and online updates. Vijeo XD allows you to create an innovative HMI project that can be operated on Magelis GTU like a smartphone (2) . For more information on Vijeo Designer and Vijeo XD, please refer to our website Configuration Software. Communication The following illustrations show the equipments that Universal panels can communicate via Ethernet and Modbus protocols, and also via USB, wireless and fieldbus interfaces. Via Ethernet protocol Magelis GTU with two Ethernet ports can share data with other Magelis HMIs, browse the PLC's Webserver and SCADA server, and also communicate with PLCs using: b Modbus TCP protocol b Third-party Ethernet protocol OPC-UA protocol is also available on Magelis GTU for IIoT connectivity. XBTGK HMIGTO Modicon STB ATV71 Modicon M340 HMIGTU Vijeo Citect or Wonderware SCADA MES/ERP Software Ethernet TCP/IP CANopen XBTGH Modicon M580 Via Modbus protocol Magelis GTU communicates with PLCs via one or two integrated serial links, using the following communication protocols: b Schneider Electric (Uni-TE, Modbus) b Third-party: Mitsubishi Electric, Omron, Allen-Bradley, and Siemens M241 TM241CEC24T Modicon M2 p 1 Modbus Modicon M2 p 8 Magelis GTU (1) Magelis GTU is compatible with Vijeo Designer V6.2 SP1 or later. (2) Magelis GTU is compatible with Vijeo XD V2.3 or later. Vijeo Designer Vijeo XD

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