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8 Functions Magelis GTU panels offer the following functions: b Display of animated synoptic views with 8 types of animation (pressing the touch panel, color changes, filling, movement, rotation, size, visibility, and value display) b Control, modification of numeric and alphanumeric values b Display of current date and time b Real-time and trending curves with log b Alarm display, alarm log, and management of alarm groups b Multi-window and recipe management b Operator-initiated page calls b Multilingual application management (10 languages at the same time) b Data processing via Java script b Storage of the application and logs on external application memory card in SD format, USB stick, or CFast card b Management of serial printers and barcode readers b Sound Message management b Multi-screen support and cloning function on external monitor with DVI port connected to Open box b Web video support with view and record functions on Open box In addition, the Magelis GTU display units offer multi-touch screen feature with Vijeo XD software. These features, like drag, click, and dual press gestures are similar to those of smartphones. Architecture and communication The Magelis GTU integrated (1) in MachineStruxure (2) automation solutions offer will help machine manufacturers (OEMs) to quickly design optimized machines (in terms of cost and energy efficiency). MachineStruxure solutions are based on high-performance control platforms and the single software package SoMachine. SoMachine allows the development, commissioning, and programming of machines. With Vijeo Designer software, SoMachine allows programming of terminals in the Magelis range. Magelis GTUs have been designed for PlantStruxure (3) architecture, MachineStruxure (2) architecture, and for Transparent Ready equipment (combination of Web and Ethernet TCP/IP technologies). Therefore, all panels with an Ethernet port have a built-in FTP server for data file transfer and a Web Gate function for remote access to the application of the panel from a PC with an Internet browser. Vijeo Designer also allows you to navigate HTML pages and send e-mails on Magelis Universal panels. The flexibility of Windows 7 Embedded on Magelis GTU Open box allows simultaneous functions like: b Running a Vijeo Designer or Vijeo XD software application b Use of Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Office viewer, and Adobe reader (pdf, doc, xls documents) b Processing Vijeo Designer data with Intelligent Data Service option locally or remotely Wireless connectivity with Smart WLAN display (4) The 12'' Smart WLAN display when configured with Open box meets the set-up and maintenance requirements in the following modes: b Access point mode: The HMI application of Smart WLAN display can be accessed wirelessly with a smartphone and Vijeo Designer Air software or with a PC that has an Internet browser and Web Gate function. All HMI applications connected to one of the Ethernet networks of Magelis GTU box (Bridge function) can also be accessed wirelessly. b Station mode: PLCs and other Magelis HMIs can be communicated wirelessly via an existing access point with Smart WLAN display in the Ethernet architecture to be used in flexible production lines for datasharing. (1) Magelis GTU is integrated into MachineStruxure with Vijeo Designer version V6.2 SP3 or later. (2) For more information on the MachineStruxure concept, please refer to our website control solutions. (3) For more information on the " PlantStruxure"concept, please refer to our website and Machine Systems. (4) Depending on the environment, location (distance and angle), and application used and displayed on the Magelis GTU screen. Functions Operator dialogue terminals Magelis GTU Universal Panels SoMachine software platform Vijeo Designer configuration software Description: page 10 References: page 13 Connections: page 20 Substitution: page 19 Vijeo XD software Web Gate Vijeo DesignAir /Air Plus Magelis GTU WLAN Modicon M2 p 8 Bridge (only open box) HMI Vijeo Designer BT Powered by Vijeo Designer SoMachine software Smart WLAN display in Access point mode

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