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(continued) Via USB for HMI accessories The Magelis USB accessories are designed to expand the selection range of user applications by offering value-added/differentiated HMI solutions. These innovative USB accessories can easily be installed and operated with HMI terminals. The Magelis USB accessories supported by Magelis GTU include: b Harmony XVGU USB tower light (only on Premium Box) b Harmony XB5S biometric USB switch b Magelis HMIZ illuminated USB switch b Magelis HMIZ USB keyboard (only on Premium Box) For more information on HMI USB accessories, please refer to our website www.schneider-electric.com/USB accessories for Magelis terminals. Via wireless connectivity with Smart WLAN display


The 12'' Smart WLAN display when configured with Open Box meets setup and maintenance requirements in the following modes: b Access point mode: The Smart WLAN HMI application display can be accessed wirelessly with a smartphone and Vijeo Designer Air software or with a PC that has an Internet browser and Web Gate function. All HMI applications connected to one of the Magelis GTU Box (Bridge function) Ethernet networks can also be accessed wirelessly. b Station mode: PLCs and other Magelis HMIs can be communicated wirelessly via an existing access point with Smart WLAN display in the Ethernet architecture to be used in flexible production lines for data sharing.

Smart WLAN display in Access point mode

Web Gate

Vijeo DesignAir/Air Plus Magelis GTU WLAN Modicon M2 p 8 Bridge

(Open Box only)

HMI Vijeo Designer BT

Powered by Vijeo Designer SoMachine software

Via fieldbus modules By attaching the fieldbus module to the Box unit, you can join a PROFIBUS DP network or MPI network to communicate with PROFIBUS DP master or MPI equipment. You can also join a CANopen network to communicate with a CANopen master.


PROFIBUS DP Slave equipment PLC PROFIBUS DP Master PC Box module PROFIBUS DP Slave/MPI unit

(1) Depending on the environment, location (distance and angle), and application used and displayed on the Magelis GTU screen.



Operator dialogue terminals

Magelis GTU Universal panels

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