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9 Software functions Magelis GTU panels offer the following functions: b Display of animated synoptic views with 8 types of animation (pressing the touch panel, color changes, filling, movement, rotation, size, visibility, and value display) b Control, modification of numeric and alphanumeric values b Display of current date and time b Real-time and trending curves with log b Alarm display, alarm log, and management of alarm groups b Multi-window and recipe management b Operator-initiated page calls b Multilingual application management (10 languages at the same time) b Data processing via Java script b Storage of the application and logs on external application memory card in SD format, USB stick, or CFast card b Management of serial printers and barcode readers b Sound Message management In addition, the Magelis GTU display units offer a multi-touch screen feature with Vijeo XD or Vijeo XL software. These features, such as drag, click, and dual-press gestures are similar to those of smartphones. The flexibility of Windows 7 Embedded on Magelis GTU Open Box allows: b Running a Vijeo Designer or Vijeo XD software application b Multi-screen support and cloning function on external monitor with DVI port connected to Open Box b Web video support with view and record functions on Open Box b Navigate HTML pages and send e-mails b Simultaneous functions such as: v UseofInternetExplorer,WindowsMedia Player,iceViewer,andAdobe Reader (pdf, doc, xls documents) v Processing Vijeo Designer data with Intelligent Data Service option locally or remotely for Database link and Reporting function b Advanced Line management functions, running Vijeo XL software application to: v Automatically generate reports compliant with CFR21 v Track your data and understand your performance with the embedded Vijeo XL historian and OEE templates v Benefit from the power of the IoT with IT and OT driver library and data management capabilities (Native OPC interface including OPC UA, etc.) The following programs enable you to connect remotely to HMI terminals and access processes at any time from anywhere: b Vijeo Design'Air enables you to connect remotely to the Magelis GTU terminal and have a remote view of the terminal on your tablet and smartphone (mirror function). b Vijeo Design'Air Plus enables you to create a tablet/smartphone project for a specific display size of the tablet/smartphone. During runtime, an operator can access the Magelis GTU user application to display data and control automation processes on the tablet/smartphone. With Vijeo Connect, Magelis GTU serves as a service enabler and access point to your machine for remote maintenance. Vijeo Connect provides a more secure way to access existing Schneider Electric tools (for example: Vijeo Designer, Unity, SoMachine) to program or monitor machines remotely. For more information on Vijeo Connect, see pages 24 and 25. (1) Depending on the environment, location (distance and angle), and application used and displayed on the Magelis GTU screen. IDS Vijeo Design'Air Vijeo Designer Vijeo XD Functions Operator dialogue terminals Magelis GTU Universal panels Vijeo XL Vijeo Design'Air Plus Description: page 12 References: page 15 Connections: page 22 Substitution: page 21 Vijeo Connect remote maintenance

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