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Magelis SCU Small HMI controllers are part of Schneider Electrics Flexible Machine Control concept, a key element in MachineStruxure. Magelis SCU Small HMI controllers offer the following HMI functions: b Display of animated mimics with 8 types of animation (pressing the touch panel, color changes, filling, movement, rotation, size, visibility and value display) b Control, modification of numeric and alphanumeric values b Display of current time and date b Real-time curves and trend curves with log b Alarm display, alarm log and management of alarm groups b Multiwindow management b Page calls initiated by the operator b Multilingual application management (10 languages simultaneously) b Recipe management b Data processing via Java script b Application support and USB key external memory logs b Management of serial printers, barcode readers Magelis SCU Small HMI controllers have been designed for Transparent Ready architectures and equipment (combination of Web and Ethernet TCP/IP technologies). With the WebGate function, it is possible to control or carry out maintenance remotely. Eventually, Magelis SCU will enable a smartphone or a PC tablet to be remotely connected to the HMI application. Magelis SCU Small HMI controllers offer the following HMI functions: b Execution of programmed logic sequences with the five IEC 1131-2 languages (LD, ST, FBD, SFC,IL) b Management of equipment on the CANopen fieldbus In addition to the aforementioned functions, Magelis SCU Small HMI controllers enable management of: b Integrated digital I/O b Integrated analog I/O: Voltage, current and temperature (thermocouple, PT100, PT1000) b 2 high speed counter (HSC) inputs,100 kHz 1 channel or 50 kHz 2 channel b 2 pulse train fast outputs, PTO/PWM 50 kHz

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