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2 Magelis STO and STU panels are compact open panels offering greater communication capabilities. The high resolution touch screens, clever mounting system, and HMI software make them ideal for machine manufacturer solutions in industry and infrastructure.

Magelis STU High performance communication

With embedded Ethernet connection, communication is more open and faster with Magelis STU panels. In addition, multi-protocol RS-485/232 standard RJ45 ports and USB ports (mini and standard versions) make it easy to communicate with commercially available equipment without extra cost.

Simplified installation

No panel cut-out is required to install a Magelis STU small panel. All you need to do is drill a hole measuring 22 mm in diameter - just like installing a pushbutton. The front module (comprising the screen) is connected to the rear module (comprising the terminals and connectors) via this 22 mm drilled hole.

Magelis STO Best-in-class display

With screen quality based on ppi similar to Magelis GTU, the Magelis STO7%% 4.3'' color screens support crisp-clear visualization and a high quality display. This enables you to create more attractive and distinguished applications for industry.

Magelis STU/STO For simple machine manufacturer solutions


Magelis STU and STO Small Panels

Magelis STO

Operator dialogue terminals

Magelis STU and STO Small Panels

General presentation

Schneider Electric touch screen small panels offer greater efficiency and ease of use while retaining the inherent features of HMI.

Magelis STU Pushbutton hole mounting system USB, Serial and Ethernet ports Brilliant screen quality

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