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6 Presentation Operator dialogue terminals 1 Magelis STU and STO Small Panels Presentation The Magelis small panels offer includes the following touch screen terminals: b Magelis STU, with 3.5" and 5.7" TFT color screens b Magelis STO, with 3.4" monochrome screen, available with 2 different types of backlighting: v Green, orange, red v White, pink, red b Magelis STO, with 4.3" 64 K TFT color screen Operation The features of Magelis STU and STO terminals draw on key technological innovations: b All Magelis STU and STO models are equipped with: v 2 USB V2.0 ports for data transfer b Magelis STU and STO 531/532/735 models feature: v 1 RJ45 port, enabling integration of an Ethernet TCP/IP network and the use of the services associated with this (in particular, the Web Gate function) b The Magelis STO501 model features: v 1 RS-232C serial link port (9-way removable screw terminal block), enabling direct communication with the Zelio Logic SR2/SR3 range of controllers (see page 7) Description: page 8 References: page 10 Magelis STU 5.7" Magelis STU 3.5" Magelis STO 3.4" Magelis STO 4.3"

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