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Operator dialogue terminals

Magelis STU and STO Small Panels

Architectures, connection to automation systems


Magelis operator dialogue terminals communicate with automation system equipment: b Via serial link b By means of integration in an Ethernet TCP/IP architecture Communication via serial link

Twido HMISTO Modicon M 340 Modicon M238 Modbus HMIGTU HMIGTO Quantum Modbus XBTGK HMISTO HMISTU

Examples of connections

All Magelis terminals feature an integrated RS-232 C or RS-422/485 asynchronous serial link. Use of the Uni-TE or Modbus protocol makes it easy to set up communication with Schneider Electric PLCs. Third-party protocols enable connection to PLCs offered by major manufacturers on the market: b DF1, DH485 for Allen-Bradley PLCs b SysmacWay for Omron PLCs b MPI/PPI for Siemens Simatic S7 PLCs b Mitsubishi Melsec FX PLC

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