Magelis Panels And Industrial Pcs Page 19 Selection guide

Selection guide (continued) Human Machine Interfaces USB accessories for HMI terminals USB accessories (programmable with Vijeo Designer) Monolithic USB tower lights Description b 3 multi-color LEDs b clear lens b 2-tone buzzer (up to 85 dB at 1 m/ 3.28 ft distance) b pre-assembled USB cable for easy connection b USB cable clamp to help ensure firm connection Degree of protection IP 54 Dimensions 60 mm/ 2.36 in. Power consumption 2 W Product certifications e , UL, CSA, GOST, and RCM Type of mounting/cut-out Mounting on support tube with fixing plate: 4x 6 mm/ 0.24 in. Direct mounting on horizontal support: 3x 5 mm/ 0.20 in. Connection USB cable with type A female connector: b 300 mm/ 11.81 in. for tube mounting b 400 mm/ 15.75 in. for direct mounting Compatibility with Magelis Magelis XBT GT/GC, HMI GK/GTO/GXO/SCU/G3U (1) References XVGU3SWV XVGU3SHAV Pages Please refer to USB accessories for HMI terminal catalog on our website (1) Except GT1000 series of Magelis XBTGT 19

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