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Modicon LMC078 Motion Controller


The Modicon LMC078 Motion Controller is designed for compact machines that require a high level of performance in motion control applications - as well as control system and machine communication function management. The high processing power of the LMC078 enables: b Control of 8 synchronized axes in 1 ms/16 synchronized axes in 2 ms b Execution of a Boolean instruction in 2 ns b Minimum cycle time of 250 s Control functions This LMC078 Motion Controller integrates the following standard motion control functions: > Velocity control and torque control > Relative or absolute positioning > Cam profiles for slave axes and programmable cam switch control > Virtual axes > Electronic gearing function for position control > Linear and circular interpolations via the G-code function > Master and virtual axes via external encoder Applications Combined with a dedicated Lexium 32S Servo Drive, the Modicon LMC078 Motion Controller provides a simple yet powerful solution for the following applications: > Machines performing operations on the fly: marking, adhesion, and shearing. > Packing machines (vertical and horizontal bagging): forming, filling, and sealing. > Handling machines: packaging, sorting, and palletizing. Hardware specifications b Modicon LMC078 Motion Controller has a book format; dimensions (D x W x H) 220 x 45 x 230 mm ( 8.66 x 1.77 x 9.06 in. ). b Modicon LMC078 Motion Controller features: - 12 inputs, 8 outputs (the I/O embedded in the controller are connected via removable spring terminals (1) ) - an encoder input configurable as an incremental or a Sin/Cos absolute encoder b 24 V c controller power is supplied by an external source connected via removable spring terminals (1) . b Controller has a slot for an SD (Secure Digital) card (supplied with the controller). b Modicon LMC078 Motion Controller has a QR code for direct access to technical documentation relating to the controller and its associated servo drive. Embedded communication This versatile Motion Controller is integrated with the following embedded communication features as standard: b Sercos III communication bus - real-time communication bus (100 Mbps) for position control and remote I/O management - RJ 45 connectors - topology types: Master/Slave, linear or ring (for enhanced availability) b CANopen bus - for controlling slave devices (63 slaves) - 9-way SUB-D connector b Ethernet - communication network with supervisory tools - RJ 45 connector - Ethernet TCP/IP, FTP, and Ethernet Modbus TCP protocols b Serial link - RS232 or RS485 configurable - RJ 45 connector - Modbus ASCII/RTU Master/Slave, ASCII (character string) protocols

(1) Connection terminals supplied with the controller

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