Modicon M171 M172 Plc For Hvac And Pumping Applications Page 2-11 Solutions overview

2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2/11 PID with autotuning Description The advanced PID function blocks are optimized for temperature or pressure control in HVAC systems. With the additional PID Autotune function, the control system is capable of analyzing the response time of the control loop and calculating the correct PID parameter settings. Benefits Precision > PID control maintains the required controlled variable through adjustment. > It minimizes the deviation of the actual process value from the setpoint to optimize system control. Efficient setup > Various loop control interactions available to manage different required machine operating modes > Automatic detection of PID control loop parameter with autotuning Operating principle PID control maintains the actual value and adjusts the output value according to deviations in the system's response. The PID function supports automatic and manual operating mode and is capable of monitoring a user-defined deadband on the actual value with alarm indication in case of undershoot or overshoot. The hold and reset commands can also be used to regulate the process. The PID Autotune function is used to analyze the system response and determine the correct PID parameters. The PID Autotune and PID Advanced functions interact directly. Depending on the operating mode of the PID Autotune function, it controls the PID Advanced function regulation and provides PID parameters for it. Characteristics Main characteristics: > Operating modes: automatic and manual > Hold function to help eliminate windup > Integral anti-windup > Deadband for more stable control > Adjustable high or low limits > Direct and reverse control Typical applications > Air and water cooled chillers > Heat pumps > Rooftop units > Air Handling Units Presentation Solutions overview Application solutions for HVAC Related functions: PID

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