Modicon M171 M172 Plc For Hvac And Pumping Applications Page 2-8 Solutions overview

2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2/8 Presentation Solutions overview Application solutions for HVAC Related functions: Fan management Fan management Description In order to control the condensing pressure of air-cooled condensers, this function block controls the frequency, starting, and stopping of the fans in a predetermined order to optimize their energy consumption, operating time, and availability. Benefits Reliability > Fans with detected errors are automatically replaced in the sequence by operational fans. > Fan service life is optimized through operation sequences (FIFO, balancing hours, LIFO). Performance > Fan switch-on and operating frequency are optimized in order to reduce the energy consumption of the air-cooled condenser. Operating principle Depending on the input, this AFB manages the number of stages of fans to be used. Up to 12 fans per stage can be used, with a maximum of 4 stages. Regulation allows the maximum surface of the condenser to be used in order to reduce the consumption of the fans. Characteristics This AFB provides: > Linear action between PID and flow > Management of detected errors and subsequent compensation of fan operation > Operation with no delay and management of frequencies: this function increases control stability and reduces the number of fan starts/stops. Typical applications > Air-cooled condensers

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