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10 Selection guide Modicon M171/M172 logic controllers Modicon M171 optimized, Modicon M171 performance, and Modicon M172 performance logic controllers Applications M171 optimized logic controllers for simple and compact machines b Air/water-cooled chiller b Rooftop unit b Heat pump b Compressor rack b Ventilation unit Programming software SoMachine HVAC V1.0 or higher Maximum number of I/O with expansion modules 44 28 Generic programmable inputs Digital input 6 digital inputs 2 digital inputs analog input 5 configurable analog inputs Generic programmable outputs Digital output 6 digital outputs 4 digital outputs analog output 5 analog outputs Communication Embedded communication port v 1 wired connector for LAN expansion bus v 1 wired connector for Modbus SL master/slave for TM171O p M ppp Optional communication None except with a gateway USB port No (program can be downloaded with the TM171AMFK programming stick and TM171ADMI programming cable) Services Remote download through Modbus SL Power supply a 12-24 V or c 24 V for all, a 12-24 V for TM171O pp 22S a 100...240 V, isolated Display Built-in Yes, on TM171OD p 22 p Yes Yes, on TM171ODM14R Remote Yes, with TM171DLED, TM171DLCD, and TM171DWAL2 p displays Or with HMI Magelis offer, Please consult on our web site Mounting 35 mm / 1.38 in. rail Flush mounting 35 mm/ 1.38 in. rail Product certifications e , cURus, CSA, EAC Logic controller reference TM171O pp 22 p TM171OF22R TM171OFM22R TM171O p M14R TM171OD14R Page 12 and 13 (1) On the same port at the same time. (2) November 2015 (3) Pending

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