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Modicon M171/M172 logic controllers

Communication modules for M171 performance and M172 performance logic controllers


The communication module offer is dedicated to the 35 mm/ 1.38 in. rail mounting version of M171 performance and M172 performance logic controllers (1) . The 8 optional modules provide specific connections: b To fieldbuses, including: v CAN bus v Modbus TCP v Profibus v Modbus SL (RS 485) v BACnet MS/TP (B-AAC profile) v BACnet IP (B-AAC profile) v RS 232 serial link v LonWorks (FFT-10) v Konnex (KNX) via Schneider Electric' spaceLYnk gateway, Please consult on our web site www.schneider-electric.com b To services, including: v Ethernet v WebVisu and remote download functions b They are mounted by simple interlocking on the left-hand side of an M171 performance or an M172 performance logic controller (1). b Only one communication module can be added to a performance logic controller. The communication module is powered by the controller. b Each communication module has its own type of connector, adapted to the bus or communication network (see details in the reference table, page 23).


35 mm/ 1.38 in . rail mounting

TM171A pppp I/O communication modules 1 Communication connector (2) 2 Locking device 3 Expansion connector to the performance controller type TM171P or TM172P (1) 4 Clip for 35 mm/ 1.38 in. rail mounting

(1) Compatibility between M171 and M172 performance logic controllers and communication modules, see table below: Compatibility between performance logic controllers and communication modules Logic controller Compatible communication modules Type Reference M171 performance logic controller TM171PBM27R TM171PDM27R TM171PDM27S TM171ACAN TM171AETH TM171APBUS TM171AMB TM171ARS485 TM171ARS232 TM171AETHRS485 TM171ALON M172 performance logic controller TM172PBG28R TM172PDG28R TM172PDG28S TM172PBG42R TM172PDG42R TM172PDG42S TM171ACAN TM171AMB TM171ARS485 TM171ARS232 TM171ALON (2) Communication connector type depends on communication modules, see detail next page.

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