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11 Presentation (continued) Modicon M221 and M221 Book logic controllers Remote graphic display unit for Modicon M221 and M221 Book logic controllers TMH2GDB remote graphic display unit (continued) Installation and setup The TMH2GDB remote graphic display unit is mounted in a 22 mm (0.87 in.) diameter hole and is connected to the SL or SL1 serial link on Modicon M221 and M221 Book logic controllers with the XBTZ9980 and VW3A1104R10 cable, which also supplies it with power ( no other Modbus slave equipment must be connected on this link) (1) . The debug screens, including those for setting the time and configuring the communication ports, are already configured and available as soon as the display unit is connected to the logic controller (2) . The HMI (runtime) pages and alarm pages are created and configured very easily in the SoMachine Basic programming software (3) , from predefined pages: - Alarm displaytemplate - Menutemplate - Monitoringtemplate - Control paneltemplate - Bargraph template (1 or 2 bars) - Gagetemplate These pages constitute part of the controller application. They are transferred to and stored in the M221 and M221 Book logic controller memory, no transfer is necessary between the PC and the TMH2GDB graphic display unit. The latter is operational as soon as it is connected to the serial port on the logic controller. The Home page can be selected by programming. Each HMI and alarm page can be displayed by navigating the front panel using the keys or called by a program. Alarm pages can also be displayed on a red background. The HMI pages can be created in several languages, the language displayed on the graphic display unit can then be selected by the operator in the display configuration menu. (1) Neither the serial link on the TMC2SL1 cartridge, nor the SL2 embedded serial link, can be used to connect the graphic display unit. (2) When the controller has no application program, only the product reference and the controller irmware version are accessible. The controller firmware version must be V1.3 or later. (3) Possible from version V1.3 of SoMachine Basic. Debugging: Controller information HMI: Monitoring HMI: Control panel HMI: Bargraph HMI: Gage Examples of screens Debugging: Configuring communication HMI: Alarm display

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