Modicon M221 Plc Page 12 Presentation

12 Presentation Modicon M221 and M221 Book logic controllers Communication via modem and router The communication via modem and router offer is dedicated to the following applications: b Synchronization between remote machines; direct data exchange between controllers b Remote maintenance; access to the controller via the SoMachine Basic programming software b Remote control and monitoring of machines; receipt of information and sending commands on GSM/UMTS phone (1) This offer comprises a Schneider Electric modem, a GSM/UMTS modem, and an eWon VPN router. For modem and router, please consult our website (1) Global System Mobile (2G)/Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (3G) Communication via modem Programming PC with SoMachine Basic TM221M ppp TM221C ppp TM241C ppp TM251C ppp GSM/UMTS link Serial link Communication via router Programming PC with SoMachine Basic Firewall TM221M ppp TM221C ppp TM241C ppp TM251MES p Ethernet link

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