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General presentation

Modicon logic controllers



M221 logic controllers

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Ready-to-use architectures and function blocks

Tested, Validated, and Documented Architectures (TVDAs) are just one of the ways we help you reduce design time. Whether your machines are simple or complex, Application Function Blocks (AFBs) make system design fast and easy.

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1 POWERPACT circuit breaker 2 Energy meter Acti9 iEM310 iEM310 3 TeSys D contactor 4 TeSys GV2P motor circuit-breaker 5 TeSys U starter-controller 6 Multi9 circuit-breaker C60N 7 Phaseo power supply 24 V c 8 Ethernet switch (unmanaged) 9 Modicon M221 Book logic controller 10 Modicon TM3 safety module, Modicon TM3 digital/analog I/O modules 11 Modicon TM3 TeSys motor starter module 12 Magelis display 13 Harmony signalling and control devices 14 Altivar 312 variable speed drive 15 OsiSense: limit switches and inductive sensors

Application Function Blocks (AFB)

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