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27 Modicon M221, M241 and M251 logic controllers The embedded Ethernet communication ports in Modicon M221, M241 or M251 logic controllers and in the Modicon TM4ES4 communication module optimize integration in factory network architectures. Modicon M221, M241 and M251 controllers can easily be integrated in typical architectures: v machine to devices (variable speed drives, remote I/O modules, operator dialogue terminals) with the I/O Scanner function v machine to machine with the NGVL function v machine to supervision with the Modbus Client/Server function and EtherNet/IP adapter Ethernet also brings transparency to the factory, in particular - thanks to the firewall functions - making it possible from any point on the network to safely: v program, monitor a controller or download an application v access device parameters (variable speed drives for example) A simple web browser can be used to access machines anytime anywhere, using a tablet or smartphone, for example, using the web servers embedded in Modicon M241 and M251 controllers. Safety can be enhanced by the use of VPN modems; refer to our Partner program on our website > Products and Services > Automation and Control > Collaborative Automation Partner Program. Main devices supported Device Protocols supported Tools for integration in the SoMachine software (1) TCP/ UDP Modbus TCP EtherNet/IP Altivar 32 FDR, DTM, TVDA Altivar 71 FDR, DTM, TVDA Lexium 32 M FDR, DTM, TVDA Lexium ILA FDR, libraries, TVDA Lexium ILE FDR, libraries, TVDA Lexium ILS FDR, libraries, TVDA OsiSense XG TVDA OsiSense XUW TVDA Modicon OTB1EODM9LP Libraries Preventa XPSMCM (2) TVDA for EtherNet/IP Harmony XB4R, XB5R DTM, libraries Modicon M221, M241, M251 User parameters (only for EtherNet/IP), libraries Device supplied with EDS file (1) User parameters Generic device User parameters (only for EtherNet/IP), libraries Web servers Preconfigured Web server Using a simple web browser available on PC, smartphone or tablet, this server authorizes the following ready-to-use functions: v With no prior programming - Display of the I/O states - Controller diagnostics, and of its expansion and communication modules - Communication port diagnostics - I/O Scanner function diagnostics - Maintenance and configuration functions (EtherNet/IP, firewall, etc.) v After configuration - Viewing data values - Viewing the evolution of these data values over time (oscilloscope function) Viewer Web server The SoMachine programming software is used to create customized pages for viewing and monitoring devices. These pages can also be accessed on any mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone with any operating system (iOS, Android, Windows). (1) SoMachine configuration software: please consult our catalog DIA3ED2140110EN.pdf or our website - FDR: Fast Device Replacement - DTM: Device Type Manager - TVDA: Tested Validated Documented Architectures (2) Integration as a generic device. Presentation Modicon M221 and M221 Book logic controllers Industrial Ethernet network Viewer Web server Preconfigured Web server

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