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General presentation

Modicon logic controllers



M221 logic controllers

Flexible and scalable machine control

With the new range of Modicon


logic controllers, the next generation of MachineStruxure provides flexible and scalable machine control. Ethernet connectivity, USB port for programming, and an embeded web server: its all included.

Fastest and smallest logic controllers on the market Modicon M221: the small yet powerful logic controller for hardwired solutions

Everything you need is embedded

The Modicon M221 offers best-in-class performance. Available also in book format, the Modicon M221 requires minimal installation and offers tremendous versatility.


SD card, Run/Stop switch, USB port, 2 analog inputs, serial line, Ethernet and serial line, cartridge extension (on standard version): its all embedded .


Thanks to its high degree of lexibility , its very easy to add additional modules (safety modules, Tesys motor starter module, extensive line of analog and digital modules, ...) - and still keep everything in just one configuration Functional safety module Tesys motor starter module Analog / Digital modules Modicon M221 Book and a broad choice of I/O extension modules Serial line 2 analog inputs Ethernet / serial line USB port Run/Stop switch SD card

From logic to motion control, the Modicon range offers flexibility and scalability to suit your needs


Logic controller Modicon M241 Logic controllers Modicon M221/M221 Book Logic controller Modicon M251 Motion controller Modicon M258 Motion controller Modicon LMC058 Motion controller Modicon LMC078

Best-in-class performance

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