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Expansion modules

Compatibility of Modicon TM2 expansion modules with Modicon M221, M221 Book, M241 and M251 logic controllers


Modicon TM2 expansion modules Logic controllers M221 M221 Book M241 M251 Digital modules TM2DDI8DT TM2DDI16DT TM2DDI16DK TM2DDI32DK TM2DAI8DT TM2DDO8UT TM2DDO8TT TM2DDO16UK TM2DDO16TK TM2DDO32UK TM2DDO32TK TM2DRA8RT TM2DRA16RT TM2DMM8DRT TM2DMM24DRF Analog modules TM2AMI2HT TM2AMI2LT TM2AMI4LT TM2AMI8HT TM2ARI8LRJ TM2ARI8LT TM2ARI8HT TM2AMO1HT TM2AVO2HT TM2AMM3HT TM2ALM3LT TM2AMM6HT Expert modules (counter modules) TM200HSC206DT TM200HSC206DF Compatible Not compatible Note : The TWD ppppp range of expansion and communication modules is not compatible with the Modicon M221/M221 Book/M241/M251 logic controller offer.


b Modicon TM3 expansion modules are powered by logic controllers via the bus connector on the side of the products. This connector delivers 2 voltages, 5 V and 24 V. For the Modicon M221 and M221 Book logic controllers, you should therefore calculate the total TM3 expansion module consumption and check that it is definitely compatible with the maximum current delivered by the controller. This information is available on each product data sheet or in the hardware reference guide. This can be checked very quickly in the SoMachine Basic programming software setup page. b For Modicon M241 and M251 logic controllers, up to 7 TM2 expansion modules can be attached regardless of these module references.

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