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32 Presentation Modicon M221 and M221 Book logic controllers Communication via modem and router Presentation The communication via modems and routers offer is dedicated to the following applications: b Synchronization between remote machines; direct data exchange between controllers. b Remote maintenance; access to the controller via the programming software (SoMachine or SoMachine Basic). b Remote control and monitoring of machines; receipt of information and sending commands on GSM phone. This offer comprises 2 Schneider Electric modems (PSTN and GSM) and a VPN router made by Ewon . Setting up this router requires installation of two configuration software programs. PSTN and GSM modems Both these modems can either be used on the machine or connected to the PC if it does not have a modem. On the machine side, they are then connected to the logic controller SL or SL1 serial port (1) . On the PC side, they use a USB port. VPN router The eWON Cosy is an industrial VPN router designed to offer easy remote access, via the Internet. On the machine side, it is connected to the controller Ethernet port. The router establishes a secure VPN connection via the plant LAN. This is an outgoing connection compatible with the firewalls. Remote users can only access the machine's LAN, not the customer's LAN. (1) Modems cannot be connected to either the logic controller SL2 port or the TMC2SL1 cartridge. Applications Modems Router SR2MOD01 SR2MOD03 Ewon Cosy 141 Type of connection between logic controller and modem/router Serial link Serial link Ethernet Remote maintenance v Monitoring via the protocol for programming and writing variables (1) v Application transfer/ download v Online program modification (writing code) M221, M221 Book (2) M221, M221 Book M221 , M221 Book, M241 , M251 Remote data logging File reading/writing M241 , M251 Synchronization between machines Modbus exchanges M221 , M221 Book M241 , M251 Remote control Receipt/sending of SMS M221 , M221 Book M241 , M251 (3) Viewer Web server (HTTP) M241 , M251 OPC communication (4) (on Modbus protocol) M221 , M221 Book , M241 , M251 Logic controller supporting the application (1) Including Run/stop, Init. (2) Modbus ASCII. (3) Function blocks in SoMachine and SoMachine Basic programming software. (4) The OPC (Object Linking and Embedding for Process Control) standard defines communication between Windows applications and the hardware/software used regularly in the field of process control (e.g.: controllers). The OPC standard describes a coherent and universal way of accessing field data in the factory devices. Communication via modem Programming PC with SoMachine Basic TM221M ppp TM221C ppp TM241C ppp TM251C ppp PSTN/ GSM link Serial link Communication via router Programming PC with SoMachine Basic Firewall TM221M ppp TM221C ppp TM241C ppp TM251MES p Ethernet link 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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