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2 Selection guide Modicon M241 logic controllers Applications Control of simple motion Control of control loops Supply voltage 100-240 V a 24 V c I/O b Logic I/O 24 logic I/O v No. and type of inputs 14 sink/source 24 V c inputs, inc. 8 high-speed inputs 14 sink/source 24 V c inputs, inc. 8 high-speed inputs 14 sink/source 24 V c inputs, inc. 8 high-speed inputs v No. and type of outputs 10 outputs: with 4 source transistor high-speed outputs and 6 relay outputs 10 source transistor outputs, inc. 4 high-speed outputs 10 sink transistor outputs, inc. 4 high-speed outputs Connection of logic inputs/outputs Removable screw terminal block I/O extension v 7 Modicon TM3 expansion modules v 14 Modicon TM3 expansion modules with transmitter and receiver bus expansion modules v Possible use of Modicon TM2 expansion modules with restrictions Embedded communication Ethernet link 1 Ethernet port on TM241CE24 p and TM241CEC24 p controllers: v Protocols: Modbus TCP (Client/Server), Modbus TCP slave, EtherNet/IP adapter/originator (1) v Services: firmware updates, data exchange - NGVL and IEC VAR ACCESS, Web server, SNMP-MIB2 network management, FTP (Client/Server), SNMP (Client/Server), SQL (Client), email library, DHCP Client, programming, downloading, monitoring v Services: Modbus TCP Scanner Manager and EtherNet/IP Scanner Manager, email, on TM241CE24 p controllers CANopen link On TM241CE C 24 p controllers: 1 port for CANopen fieldbus (1 screw terminal block) with CANopen (Master) and SAE J1939 (Request Manager) protocols Serial link 2 serial link ports: v 1 SL1 port (RJ45), RS232/485 with +5 V power supply v 1 SL2 port (screw terminals) RS485 Functions Process control PID Counting 8 high-speed counter (HSC) inputs, 200 kHz frequency Position control 4 position control outputs v P/D, CW, and CCW pulse train output (PTO), 100 kHz frequency v pulse width modulation (PWM) v frequency generator (FG) Options b Cartridges v 3 I/O expansion cartridges: - with 2 voltage/current analog inputs - with 2 inputs for temperature probes - with 2 voltage/current analog outputs v 2 application cartridges: - for control of hoisting applications - for control of packaging applications Number of cartridge slots 1 b Communication modules v 1 Ethernet port Modicon TM4 module with switch function and 4 embedded ports v 1 Modicon TM4 module for Profibus DP slave link Mounting Mounting on 5 rail or panel Software programming With SoMachine software (please consult our website: Controller type With serial links TM241C24R TM241C24T TM241C24U With embedded Ethernet port and serial links TM241CE24R TM241CE24T TM241CE24U With embedded Ethernet and CANopen ports, and serial links TM241CEC24R TM241CEC24T TM241CEC24U Page 10 (1) Excludes TM241CEC24 p

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