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4 Presentation Modicon M241 logic controllers General presentation Compatibility of offers Modicon M241 logic controllers > Modicon TM3 expansion modules > Modicon TM2 expansion modules > Modicon TM4 communication modules > SoMachine software Presentation Applications Modicon M241 logic controllers are designed for high-performance compact machines incorporating speed and position control functions. They have an embedded Ethernet port offering FTP (Client/Server), Web server, and SQL (Client) services, meaning they can be easily integrated into control system architectures for remote machine monitoring and maintenance via apps for smartphones, tablets, and PCs. b This wide variety of embedded functions helps minimize the cost of the machine: - Functions embedded in the controller: Modbus serial link, dedicated USB programming port, Ethernet I/O Scanner, CANopen, and SAE J1939 fieldbuses for distributed architectures, advanced position control functions (high-speed counters and pulse train outputs for servo motor control) - Functions embedded in the Modicon TM3 extensions: functional safety modules, motor-starter control module, and remote expansion system - Functions embedded in the Modicon TM4 communication modules b The processing power and memory capacity of M241 controllers are ideal for targeting high-performance applications. b SoMachine programming software is powerful and intuitive, making it quick to create applications. Existing applications can easily be retrieved from Modicon M221, M238, and M258 ranges, thus helping to protect the investment already made. Main functions M241 logic controllers come in two formats (W x H x D): v Controllers with 24 I/O: 150 x 90 x 95 mm (5.90 x 3.54 x 3.74 in.) v Controllers with 40 I/O: 190 x 90 x 95 mm (7.48 x 3.54 x 3.74 in.) v Inputs and outputs embedded in M241 controllers are connected on removable screw terminal blocks, supplied with the controllers. v A Run/Stop switch is available on each M241 controller. v Each M241 controller has a slot for an industrial SD (Secure Digital) memory card. A slot integrated in each M241 controller can take up to two cartridges of the following types: v Analog input or output expansion cartridges v Application cartridges for hoisting or packaging Each M241 logic controller has a QR code for direct access to its technical documentation. Embedded communication M241 logic controllers have up to 5 embedded communication ports: v Ethernet with embedded Web server function v CANopen: CANopen (Master) and SAE J1939 (Request Manager) v 2 serial links v USB mini-B programming port Embedded functions v PID control v 8 high-speed counter (HSC) inputs, 200 kHz frequency v 4 position control channels for: - P/D, CW, and CCW pulse train output (PTO), 100 kHz frequency - pulse width modulation (PWM) - frequency generator (FG) Processing power v Execution speed: 22 ns/Boolean instruction with 128 KB Boolean instructions in the program v DualCore processor v Program size: 10 MB for application and symbols v RAM: 64 MB v Flash memory: 128 MB Programming M241 logic controllers are programmed using SoMachine software. M241 logic controller with 24 I/O M241 logic controller with 40 I/O SoMachine software Example of a QR code: QR code for accessing the TM241CEC24R logic controller technical documentation

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