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5 Presentation (continued) Modicon M241 logic controllers Options for Modicon M241 controllers Memory card The TMASD1 industrial SD memory card, 256 MB capacity, is available for: v backup and application transfer v data logging v irmware updating Cartridges for Modicon M241 controller Up to 2 cartridges (depending on controller model) can be inserted on the M241 controller front panel without increasing its dimensions. b I/O cartridges 3 input or output cartridges are available: v TMC4AI2 cartridge for 2 analog inputs which can be configured as voltage or current v TMC4AQ2 cartridge for 2 analog outputs which can be configured as voltage or current v TMC4TI2 cartridge for 2 inputs which can be configured for temperature probes b Application cartridges 2 cartridges are available: v The TMC4HOIS01 Hoisting application cartridge has two dedicated analog inputs for control of a load cell. v The TMC4PACK01 Packaging application cartridge has two dedicated analog inputs for temperature control on packaging machines. . Use of an application cartridge provides direct access to Application Function Blocks via the SoMachine software. Communication modules (1) 2 communication module models are available: v The TM4ES4 Ethernet switch module ; it offers on controllers without embedded Ethernet, an Ethernet connection with 4 ports. v The TM4PDPS1 Profibus DP slave module. Modicon TM4 communication modules are assembled by simple interlocking on the left-hand side of the controllers and a bus expansion connector is used to distribute data and the power supply. Up to 3 communication modules can be added on the left of M241 logic controllers. See page 12. b Ethernet switch module The TM4ES4 module is a 4-port Ethernet interface (10/100 Mbps, MDI/MDIX) with the following protocols: Modbus TCP (Client/Server), EtherNet/IP (adapter), UDP, TCP, SNMP and SoMachine. v The TM4ES4 module is ready for use as soon as it is connected to the communication bus of M241 controllers. v This module is used to add the Ethernet function to TM241C24 p and TM241C40 p controllers without embedded Ethernet port while offering the additional functionality of an Ethernet switch. v When connected to logic controllers with embedded Ethernet port type TM241CE24 ppp and TM241CE40 ppp it is a 4 port stand-alone switch: the communication between the TM4ES4 module and the Modicon M241 controller is not done automatically by the bus connector. b Profibus DP slave module The TM4PDPS1 communication module can be used to configure a slave connection on Profibus DP. (1) For association rules between ModiconTM4 communication modules and Modicon M241 logic controllers, see page 12. M241 logic controller Communication modules Industrial SD memory card Application cartridges Analog I/O cartridges 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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