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7 Presentation (continued) Modicon M241 logic controllers Embedded communication Communication via modem and router Embedded communication Serial links Every M241 controller has 2 embedded serial links. v The SL1 serial link can be configured as RS 232 or RS 485. In addition, a 5 V/200 mA voltage is available on the RJ 45 connector, which can therefore power a Magelis XBTN or XBTRT HMI or the TCSWAAC13FB Bluetooth communication adapter, or other devices. v The SL2 serial link is configured as RS 485. These 2 links incorporate the 2 most commonly used protocols on the market: - Master or Slave Modbus ASCII/RTU - Character string (ASCII) Connection cables and accessories for serial link: please consult our website Programming port with power off charging function The programming port, equipped with a USB mini-B connector, is embedded in every M241 controller; it is dedicated to communication with a PC equipped with SoMachine for: v programming v debugging v maintenance In addition, it offers the ability to load an application program or update the firmware without the controller being powered by another source. Communication via modem and router The communication via modem and router offer is dedicated to the following applications: b Synchronization between remote machines; direct data exchange between controllers. b Remote maintenance; access to the controller via the SoMachine programming software. b Remote control and monitoring of machines; receipt of information and sending commands on GSM/UMTS phone (1). This offer comprises a Schneider Electric modem, GSM/UMTS modem and a VPN router made by eWon. For the modem and router, please consult our website (1) Global System Mobile (2G)/Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (3G). Communication via modem Programming PC with SoMachine Basic/SoMachine software TM221M ppp TM221C ppp TM241C ppp TM251C ppp GSM/UMTS link Serial link Communication via router Programming PC with SoMachine Basic/SoMachine software Firewall TM221M ppp TM221C ppp TM241C ppp TM251MES p Ethernet link

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