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16 Presentation Schneider Electric has selected CANopen for its machines and installations because of its wealth of functions and its resulting benefits in the automation world. This decision was based on the general acceptance of CANopen, and the fact that CANopen products are increasingly used in control system architectures. CANopen is an open network supported by more than 400 companies worldwide, and promoted by CAN in Automation (CiA). CANopen conforms to standards EN 50325-4 and ISO 15745-2. Schneider Electric is heavily involved in working groups, which are important for machine and installation architectures, systems and products. v The bus uses a double shielded twisted pair on which, with Modicon M241 and Modicon M251 logic controllers, a maximum of 63 devices are connected by daisy-chaining or by tap junctions. v Each end of the bus must be fitted with a line terminator. On M241 controllers, this line terminator is already integrated on the master side and can be disconnected using a switch located next to the CAN connector. CANopen port on M241 and M251 controllers Type M241: screw terminals M251: 9-way SUB-D Standards DS 301 V4.02, DR 303-1 Class M10 Data rate Max. length (m / ft. ) 20/ 65.62 40/ 131.23 100/ 328.08 250/ 820.21 500/ 1640.42 1000/ 3280.84 2500/ 8202.1 5000/ 16404.2 Data rate (Kbps) 1000 800 500 250 125 50 20 10 Number of slaves 63 slaves max. with limit of: 252 RPDOs and 252 TPDOs Description CANopen port on M241 and M251 controllers The underside of Modicon TM241CEC ppp logic controllers has: 1 a connector for linking to the CANopen bus (screw terminals). 2 a CANopen line termination switch. The front of the Modicon TM251MESC logic controller has: 3 a connector for linking to the CANopen bus (9-way SUB-D). Modicon M251 logic controllers CANopen architecture Presentation 1 3 TM241CE C ppp controllers TM251MESC controller 2 CANopen connection architecture 2 4 6 7 4 5 1 3 1 2 Ethernet CANopen TM251MESC Altivar 312 Altivar 71 Lexium 32 Modicon OTB Lexium 32 TM241CE C ppp Altivar 32 Modicon TM7 (IP 67) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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