Modicon M251 Plc Page 2 Modicon M251 logic controllers

2 Selection guide Modicon M251 logic controllers Applications Controlling modular machines on distributed architectures Supply voltage 24 V c I/O extension v 7 Modicon TM3 expansion modules v 14 Modicon TM3 expansion modules with transmitter and receiver bus expansion modules v Possible use of Modicon TM2 expansion modules with restrictions. Embedded communication Ethernet link b Ethernet 1: 2 ports connected by a switch, Machine or Factory network (2 RJ45 connectors) b Ethernet 2: 1 fieldbus Ethernet port (1 RJ45 connector with Industrial Ethernet manager service (EtherNet/IP and TCP I/O Scanner) v Protocols: Modbus TCP (Client/Server), Modbus TCP slave, EtherNet/IP adpater, EtherNet/IP originator (Ethernet 2 port) v Services: firmware updates, data exchange - NGVL and IEC VAR ACCESS, Web server, SNMP-MIB2 network management, FTP (Client/Server), SNMP (Client/Server), SQL (Client), email library, email, DHCP Client, programming, downloading, monitoring CANopen link Serial link b 1 serial link port (RJ45) RS232/485 with +5 V power supply Options Communication modules b 1 Ethernet port module with switch function (4 embedded ports) b 1 module for slave Profibus DP link Mounting Mounting on 5 rail or panel Software programming With SoMachine software (please consult our website: Controller type TM251MESE Page 11

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