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22 Architecture Modicon M251 logic controllers Industrial Ethernet network for Modicon M251 logic controllers and Modicon TM4ES4 Ethernet switch module Industrial Ethernet architecture M251_62130_ADDLT16001 1 3 2 1 4 1 Ethernet Company level Production line level Machine level Industrial Ethernet Modbus TCP/ SoMachine Ethernet/IP Scanner Modbus TCP I/O Scanner SoMachine protocol Ethernet/IP Scanner Modbus TCP I/O Scanner SoMachine protocol TM251MESE Altivar 32 Lexium 32 Magelis SCU Modicon OTB TM4ES4 + TM241CE ppp (2) TM221ME pp TM251MESE Industrial Ethernet Wireless Ethernet access (1) OsiSense XUW Note : The ports on M251 controllers and the TM4ES4 communication module cannot be used to create redundant architectures. (1) Wireless Ethernet access, see our partner program. (2) Excludes Modicon TM241CEC24 p controller. Items 1 , 2 , and 3 : see references on next page. Item 4 : Ethernet jumper cables XGSZ p 2E45 pp (M12 straight/RJ45, shielded cable, straight cabling) for OsiSense XUW vision sensors. For more information, see our partner website Shielded copper connection cables ConneXium shielded connection cables are available in 2 versions to meet the requirements of the various current standards and approvals: b EIA/TIA 568 shielded twisted pair cables for e market These cables conform to: - EIA/TIA-568 standard, category CAT 5E - IEC ???11801/EN 50173-1 standard, class D Their fire resistance conforms to: - NF C32-070 standard, class C2 - IEC 322/1 standards - Low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) b EIA/TIA 568 shielded twisted pair cables for UL market These cables are: - CEC type FT-1 - NEC type CM A new range of ConneXium fully shielded preassembled cables has been specially designed for use in harsh industrial environments. These cables combine a category 5E shielded cable and RJ45 connectors reinforced with a metal profile.

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