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8 Presentation (continued) Modicon M251 logic controllers Embedded communication Control architecture for modular machines on Ethernet network OPC UA Server OPC UA Client Ethernet/IP Scanner Modbus TCP I/O Scanner SoMachine protocol Magelis SCU Modicon OTB Lexium 32 Altivar 32 TM221CE ppp TM4ES4 + TM251MESE Ethernet M251 controllers have 2 embedded Ethernet ports connected by an RJ 45 switch (10/100 Mbps, MDI/MDIX) with the Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP, UDP, TCP, SNMP and SoMachine on Ethernet protocols. These ports are specifically for communication between machines or to your factory network. These ports are marked Ethernet or Ethernet 1. v Every M251 controller has an embedded web server and FTP (Client/Server) server. As well as the default address based on the MAC address, a controller IP address can be assigned via a DHCP server or via a BOOTP, SQL Client and SNMP (Client/Server) server. v Ethernet ports also offer the same upload/download, update and debug functions as the programming port (USB mini-B) when the controller is supplied with power. v A firewall is used to filter the IP addresses that are authorized to access the controller and to lock each communication protocol. v TM251MESE controllers have, in addition to the 2 embedded Ethernet and Ethernet 1 ports, an optimized Ethernet 2 port for connecting field devices (variable speed drives, distributed I/O, etc.), RJ 45 type, with EtherNet/IP Scanner, Modbus TCP I/O Scanner, Ethernet Modbus TCP Client/Server, EtherNet/IP Originator and Adapter, UDP, TCP, SNMP and SoMachine services. - EtherNet/IP Scanner can be used to connect up to 16 slave devices managed by the controller in 10 ms (1024 input words + 1024 output words). - Modbus TCP I/O Scanner can be used to connect up to 64 slave devices managed by the controller in 64 ms. Connection cables and accessories for Industrial Ethernet network: please consult our website

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