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1/12 Memory structure Memory cards BMXRMS008MP memory card (included as standard) Modicon M340 processors are supplied as standard (1) with an SD (Secure Digital) type Flash memory card, reference BMXRMS008MP . This card is intended for backing up the two memory areas on the processor modules internal RAM: b Program, symbols and comments area, which contains the executable binary code and the IEC source code of the application program for the program part b Constants area, which contains the constant data located by address. The data is backed up automatically by duplication, when the PLC is turned off. Likewise, the restoration of the data is transparent for the user, on return of power. Capacity of the backup area on the memory card: v 1792 KB for the BMXP341000 Standard processor v 3584 KB for the BMXP342 pppp Performance processors BMXP342020/20302/20302CL processors with an integrated Ethernet port have an additional 2 MB memory area specifically for Standard Web services (Transparent Ready B10) (see page 2/16). The BMXRMS008MP memory card is formatted by Schneider Electric and included with each processor. It is referenced as a replacement part. BMXRMS008MPF/128MPF optional memory cards BMXP342 pppp Performance processors can take a BMXRMS008MPF or BMXRMS128MPF optional memory card, with greater memory capacity, in place of the standard memory card. These cards also provide a file storage area with a maximum capacity of 8 MB (for the BMXRMS008MPF card) or 128 MB (for the BMXRMS128MPF card). This file storage area enables: b Any user-defined Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Acrobat Reader document to be received via FTP (for example, maintenance manuals, diagrams. etc.) b Additional data to be stored via EFB user function blocks (for example: production data, manufacturing recipes, etc.) Unity Pro programming software helps the application designer manage the structure and memory space occupation of the Modicon M340 automation platform. Protecting the application If necessary, it is possible to prohibit access to the application (in terms of reading and modifying the program) by only loading the executable code in the PLC. Additionally, a memory protection bit, set in configuration mode, is also available to prevent any program modification (via the programming terminal or downloading). From Unity Pro V5.0 on, the user has function blocks for protecting know-how by means of a signature that can be loaded and stored in the M340 processor modules Flash memory card (code not executed if the signature is not present). Program modification in online mode As with Modicon Premium and Quantum platforms (with Unity Pro software), the online program modification function is available on the Modicon M340 automation platform with the option of adding or modifying the program code and data in different places in the application in a single modification session (thus ensuring modification is homogenous and consistent with the controlled process). A dedicated memory area of the application internal RAM authorizes these program modification or addition sessions while complying with the recommendation to structure the application program in several, reasonably-sized sections. (1) With the exception of 2 models (see page 1/13). Modicon M340 automation platform Processor modules Processor selection guide: pages 1/8 and 1/9 Communication: page 2/2 Ruggedized Modicon M340 modules: page 3/2 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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