Modicon M340 Plc Page 1-4 Processor modules

1/3 Product type Reference Local rack Modicon M340 EIO Quantum drop with Modicon X80 EIO drop with CRA drop adaptor type Single-rack or multi-rack standard BMXCRA31200 performance BMXCRA31210 Application-specific modules SSI encoder BMXEAE0300/BMXEAE0300H Counter BMXEHC0200/BMXEHC0200H BMXEHC0800/BMXEHC0800H Time stamping BMXERT1604T PTO (Pulse Train Output) BMXMSP0200 Weighing PMESWT0100 Communication modules Ethernet BMXNOC0401 BMENOC03%1 BMXNOE0100/BMXNOE0100H BMXNOE0110/BMXNOE0110H Serial link BMXNOM0200/BMXNOM0200H RTU BMXNOR0200H AS-Interface BMXEIA0100 Optical fibre BMXNRP0200 BMXNRP0201 Wi-Fi PMXNOW0300 Communication heads BMXCRA31200 BMXCRA31210/BMXCRA31210C BMECRA31210/BMECRA31210C BMXPRA0100 CPUs M340 BMXP341000/BMXP341000H BMXP342000 BMXP342010 BMXP3420102 BMXP342020H BMXP3420302/BMXP3420302H M580 BMEP581020/BMEP581020H BMEP582020/BMEP582020H BMEP582040/BMEP582040H BMEP583020 BMEP583040 BMEP584020 BMEP584040 Compatible Not compatible Compatibility (continued) Modicon X80 I/O platform Product compatibility according to the network architecture 1/4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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