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1/7 Description Modicon M340 automation platform Software configuration and multi-rack configuration Presentation (continued) Design and setup of Modicon M340 applications Setting up of the Modicon M340 automation platform processors requires the use one of the following software packages: b Unity Pro Small programming software b Unity Pro Medium, Large or Extra Large programming software or identical to that used to set up Modicon Premium and Modicon Quantum automation platforms b Optionally, depending on requirements, Unity EFB toolkit software for developing EF and EFB function block libraries in C language The function block software libraries provide Modicon M340 processors with the processing capability required to meet the specialized requirements within the mo- tion control with multiple independent axis functions domain (MFB Motion Function Blocks library) . The axes are controlled by Altivar 312/71 variable speed drives or Lexium 32 servo drives connected on the CANopen machine bus. Note : Compatibility of BMXP3420102/20302 processors with the Unity Pro software version . BMXP3420102/20302 processors with integrated CANopen bus are compatible with Unity Pro version u 4.1 . Both these processors can be used to customize configuration of the device Boot Up procedure compatible with all CANopen third-party products. Composition of a multi-rack configuration Multi-rack configurations are made up of standard BMXXBP pp 00 racks. They comprise: b 2 racks maximum for a station with BMXP341000 processor b 4 racks maximum for a station with BMXP3420 ppp or BMXP3420 ppp CL processor Each rack is equipped with: 1 A BMXCPS ppppp power supply A BMXXBE1000 expansion rack module. This module, inserted in the right-hand end of the rack ( XBE slot) does not occupy rack slots 00 11 (4, 6, 8 or 12 slots are still available). For further information, please consult our Modicon X80 I/O platform catalog available on our website X-bus The racks, distributed on the X-bus, are connected to each other by X-bus exten- sion cordsets 3 with a total length of 30 m/ 98.42 ft maximum . The racks are connected in a daisy chain using BMXXBC pp 0K (1) X-bus exten- sion cordsets connected to the two 9-way SUB-D connectors 5 and 6 on the front panels of the BMXXBE1000 rack expansion modules 2 . Line terminators 4 Both expansion modules at the ends of the daisy chain must have a line terminator 4 TSXTLYEX on the unused 9-way SUB-D connector. Note: The processor module is always positioned in the rack at address 0. However, in an X-bus daisy chain, the order of the racks has no effect on operation; the order of the daisy chain could be, for example 0-1-2-3, 2-0-3-1, 3-1-2-0, etc. Cybersecurity Schneider Electric has always taken care of the security of its systems.Security fuidelines are available for our customers to ensure their systems are protected from attacks. The Modicon M340 is a cyber-secure platform thanks to its advanced built-in cybersecurity features and robustness. The Modicon M340 automation platform also offers the following features: b Protection against unauthorized remote connections via an online editable Access Control List b Protection against remote programming changes via a password b Option to enable or disable HTTP or FTP services b Integrity of Unity Pro executable files b Unnecessary services disabled by default b Security features enabled by default (1) Extension cordsets BMXXBC pp 0K in lengths of 0.8 m/2.62 ft, 1,5 m/4.92 ft, 3 m/9.84 ft, 5 m/16.40 ft or 12 m/39.37 ft with elbowed connectors or TSXCBY p 08K in lengths of 1 m/3.28 ft, 3 m/9.84 ft, 5 m/16.40 ft or 12 m/39.37 ft, 18 m/59.05 ft ou 28 m/91.86 ft with straight connectors. 1 4 4 3 2 Unity Pro Processor selection guide: page 1/8 Communication: page 2/2 Ruggedized Modicon M340: page 3/2 Rack expansion module BMXXBE1000 5 6 Line terminator TSXTLYEX 4 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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