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2/16 Modicon M340 automation platform Ethernet Modbus/TCP network Standard Web services Presentation of Web services The standard Web server functions are integrated in a wide variety of Schneider Electric Ethernet products: Modicon automation platform processors and Ethernet modules, distributed I/O modules, variable speed drives and gateways. These functions are mainly integrated in BMXP342020 / 20302 / 20302CL processors, in BMXNOE0100 / 0110 and BMXNOC0401 Ethernet network modules, in the BMXNOR0200H RTU module, and the TCSEGDB23F24FA Modbus Plus proxy module on the Modicon M340 platform. From a simple Internet browser, the standard Web server authorizes the following ready-to-use functions: b Remote diagnostics and maintenance of products b Display and adjustment of products (read/write variables, status) With the BMXNOE0110 FactoryCast module equipped as standard with the BMXRWSFC032M card, the Web server also offers the following functions: b Management of PLC system and application alarms with partial or total acknowledgement (ready-to-use Alarm Viewer function pages) b Hosting and display of Web pages created by the user The embedded Web server is a real-time data server. All the data can be presented in the form of standard Web pages in HTML format and can therefore be accessed using any Web browser that supports the embedded Java code. The standard functions provided by the Web server are supplied ready-to-use and thus do not require any programming of either the PLC or the client PC device supporting a Web browser. Standard Web server on the Modicon M340 platform Rack Viewer PLC diagnostics function The Rack Viewer function can be used for PLC system and I/O diagnostics. It displays the following in real time: b Status of LEDs on the PLC front panel b The PLC type and version b Hardware configuration of the PLC including status of the system bits and words b Detailed diagnostics of: v Each of the I/O module channels or application-specific channels in the configuration v Devices connected to the CANopen bus Data Editor read/write function for PLC data and variables The Data Editor function can be used to create tables of animated variables for real-time read/write access to PLC data in the form of lists. Various animation tables containing specific application variables to be monitored or modified can be created by the user and saved in the standard Web server module. In addition to the functions provided by the standard Web server, the BMXNOE0110 Ethernet module's FactoryCast Web server offers the following : b Display of variables: Variables can be entered and displayed either in their symbolic form (S_Pump 234) or as their address (%MW99). b Write access to variables: This can be enabled or disabled for each of the variables using the FactoryCast module configuration software. b Read/write function: This can be used on tools such as a pocket PC or PDA terminal. Presentation, functions Processors: page 1/8 Ruggedized Modicon M340 modules: page 3/2 Data Editor variables table Modicon M340 hardware configuration 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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