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Modicon M340 automation platform

Ethernet Modbus/TCP network

FactoryCast Web services

BMXNOE0100 module FactoryCast Web server

In addition to the standard services, the embedded Web server in the BMXNOE0110 FactoryCast module offers the functions described below. Alarm Viewer function The alarm viewer is a ready to use, password-protected function. It is used to process alarms (display, acknowledgement and deletion) managed at PLC level by the system or using diagnostic function blocks known as DFBs (system-specific diagnostic function blocks and application-specific diagnostic function blocks created by the user). These alarms are stored in the diagnostic buffer managed by the Modicon M340 platform (dedicated memory space for storing all the diagnostic events). The diagnostic viewer is a Web page comprising a list of messages, which displays the following information for each alarm: b Dates and times of the occurrence/removal of a fault b Alarm message b Alarm status b Type of associated diagnostic function block (DFB) Graphic Data Editor function This function is used to create the graphic views animated by the PLC variables that can be accessed via their address or via their symbol (access to located data). The ready-to-use graphic editor is available in online mode when connected to the BMXNOE0110 module. These views are created from a library of predefined graphic objects by simple copy/paste operations. The objects are configured to suit the user's requirements (colour, PLC variables, name, etc). List of graphic objects available: b Analog and digital indicators b Horizontal and vertical bar charts b Boxes for displaying messages and entering values b Pushbutton boxes b Trend recorders b Vats, valves, motors, etc Customized graphic objects can be added to this list and can be reused in user Web pages that have been created using standard software for editing HTML pages. The views thus created are saved in the BMXNOE0110 module and can be displayed using any Web browser. User Web page hosting and display function The BMXNOE0110 FactoryCast module has a 16 Mbyte non-volatile memory which is accessed in the same way as a hard drive. This allows hosting of Web pages and any user-defined Word or Acrobat Reader document (for example, maintenance manuals, wiring diagrams, etc). Web pages can be created using any standard tool for creation and editing in HTML format. They can be enhanced by inserting animated graphic objects linked to PLC variables. These animated objects are created using the Graphic Data Editor. They are then downloaded to the BMXNOE0110 module via the FactoryCast Web server configuration software. These user Web pages can be used, for example, to: b Display and modify all PLC variables in real time b Create hyperlinks to other external Web servers (documentation, suppliers, etc) This function is particularly suitable for creating graphic interfaces used for the following purposes: b Real-time display and supervision b Production monitoring b Diagnostics and help with maintenance b Operator guides



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