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2/21 Presentation, description, references Modicon M340 automation platform Ethernet Modbus/TCP network modules Presentation BMXNOE0100 and BMXNOE0110 standard format modules occupy a single slot in the rack on the Modicon M340 platform equipped with a Standard or Performance processor. Description The front panel of BMXNOE0100 and BMXNOE0110 modules features: 1 A safety screw for locking the module in a slot in the rack. 2 A display block with 6 LEDs, including 3 relating to the Ethernet port: v ETH ACT LED (green): Activity on the Ethernet network v ETH STS LED (green): Ethernet network status Depending on processor version: v Version 1 : ETH 100 LED (green): data rate on the Ethernet network (10 or 100 Mbps) v Version 2 and later : ETH LNK LED (green): Ethernet link status 3 A slot equipped with its Flash memory card for saving the application and activating the Web server (Transparent Ready class B30 or C30 depending on the model). 4 An RJ45 connector for connection to the Ethernet network. 5 A pencil-point RESET pushbutton for a cold restart of the module. On the rear panel : 2 rotary switches for assigning the IP address in one of three ways: v Address set by the position of the two switches v Address set by the application parameters v Address set by the Ethernet network BOOTP server References Description Data rate Transparent Ready Class Reference Weight kg/ lb Ethernet Modbus/ TCP network modules 10/100 Mbps B30 BMXNOE0100 0.200/ 0.441 C30 BMXNOE0110 (1) 0.200/ 0.441 Spare parts Description Size Supplied as standard with Reference Weight kg/ lb Flash memory cards 8 MB BMXNOE0100 BMXRWSB000M 0.002/ 0.004 32 MB BMXNOE0110 BMXRWSFC032M 0.002/ 0.004 (1) The Web Designer software is supplied on CD-ROM with the BMXNOE0110 module. This software is used for the configuration and administration of the Web server embedded in the module, see page 2/18. 5 2 4 1 3 BMXNOE0100/0110 Processors: page 1/8 Ruggedized Modicon M340 modules: page 3/2 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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