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Modicon M340 automation platform

Modbus/TCP and EtherNet/IP network module


The BMXNOC0401 network module acts as an interface between the M340 PLC and other Ethernet network devices via the Modbus/TCP and EtherNet/IP communication protocols. The standard format BMXNOC0401 network module occupies a single slot in the rack of the Modicon M340 platform. This must be equipped with a Standard BMXP341000 or Performance BMXP342 pppp processor.


The BMXNOC0401 module offers the following functions: b Modbus/TCP and EtherNet/IP protocols operating simultaneously. b Ring topologies on 2 Ethernet ports using RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol). b Priority of Ethernet packets using QoS (Quality of Service) service. b Automatic module configuration recovery using FDR (Faulty Device Replacement) service. b Support for SCADA functions via the OPC protocol. b Embedded Web server for application monitoring and module diagnostics. b Sharing data between PLCs. b Network management using SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).


The front panel of the BMXNOC0401 module features: 1 A safety screw for locking the module in a slot in the rack. 2 A display block with 5 LEDs: v RUN LED (green): Operating status v ERR LED (red): Error detected v MS LED (green/red): Module status v NS LED (green/red): Network connection status v ETH STS LED (amber): Ethernet link status 3 Four RJ45 connectors for connection to the Ethernet network. The two bottom connectors 3b support ring topologies (RSTP protocol). Each RJ45 connector has two associated LEDs: v LNK LED (yellow): Ethernet link established v ACT LED (green): Transmission/reception activity On the rear panel , 2 rotary switches for selecting the IP address module using one of 4 assignment methods: v IP address defined by the Ethernet network BootP server v IP address configured by the application parameters v Default IP address v IP address defined by the position of the 2 rotary switches 1 2 3b 3

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