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Standalone Web Gateway/Server modules for remote access FactoryCast HMI Gateway ETG30 pp Any Modicon PLC or third-party device supporting Modbus Intranet or modem, external modem and integrated RAS function Intranet or modem RTC modem and integrated RAS function Intranet or modem GSM modem and integrated RAS function Remote programming, downloading via FTP, access to Web server via web browser Ethernet to Uni-Telway serial, modem to Modbus serial and Ethernet Modbus master Modbus/TCP DHCP, DNS, SNMP agent, SMTP client, NTP client (1) , FTP Protection by IP address filtering and passwords HTTP and FTP server, 32 MB memory available for user Web pages, memory expansion using Compact Flash cards 1 GB max., hosting of user Web pages and documents (doc, pdf, Excel) Via Web Designer software or predefined Web pages Network diagnostics, serial and Ethernet device diagnostics via predefined Web pages Monitoring of devices and application via animation tables (read/write variables) Display of PLC Unity program in a Web page Graphic monitoring via animated views (integrated graphic editor) Graphic monitoring via animated Web pages created by the user Arithmetic and logical scripts Alarm notification by e-mail/SMS Data recorded in the module with date and time stamping (CSV files) Direct recording in an SQL, Oracle, or MySQL server Dynamic HTML report management Management of Recipe data (storage and review locally or in remote database) Web Designer (supplied with each module) TSXETG3000 TSXETG3010 (PSTN modem) TSXETG3021 (GSM900/1800 MHz band) TSXETG3022 function (GSM850/1900 MHz band) www.schneider-electric.com

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