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2/28 Presentation Modicon M340 automation platform Profibus DP V1 and Profibus PA buses Profibus Remote Master module Profibus DP fieldbus Profibus DP is one of the most widely used fieldbuses in industry. Based on a master/slave protocol, only master stations, sometimes called active stations, have the right to access the bus, with slave, or passive, stations being limited to responding to interrogations. Version V0 of Profibus only allows cyclic exchanges with I/O, whereas version V1 offers an acyclic message handling channel that can be used for device adjustment or diagnostics during operation. The physical link is a single shielded twisted pair, but numerous interfaces are available for creating all sorts of topologies - tree, star, or ring - including those using optical fiber or a non-physical link. Gateways can be used to communicate transparently with Profibus PA, one of the most commonly used standards in process applications for connecting instrumentation. Profibus PA can be used to supply devices across the network and also to install sensors in potentially explosive zones (ATEX). Unity Pro PRM master PRM Com DTM Ethernet Profibus PA PRM Profibus DP DP Class 1 Profibus Remote Master (PRM) module Presentation The Profibus Remote Master (PRM) module is connected to the Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP network via its integrated 2-port switch, as close as possible to the process and the instrumentation. The PRM module can be used to connect Modicon Quantum, Premium, M580, and M340 PLCs to Profibus DP V1 via the I/O scanner function. Irrespective of the type of PLC, only one product reference is required and setup is identical, thus reducing training and maintenance costs. Two versions are available, standard and tropicalized, so as to adapt to any type of environment. The PRM module is open to Asset Management tools. A dedicated communication DTM is supplied with the product, thus allowing any compatible FDT standard tool to remotely adjust devices on Profibus using Ethernet. Configuration From a single Unity tool, the user can create the Profibus configuration, the PLC application, and configure or calibrate devices. The latter are integrated in the Unity catalog via their DTMs if they exist, or their gsd iles. The I/O scanner configuration is created implicitly in Unity Pro using the Profibus configuration. The parameters assigned by default help optimize performance, as well as the consistency of I/O data in the PLC application, irrespective of the PLC platform. Similarly, the I/O variables defined and presymbolized in the DTMs can be used directly in the application. Finally, the screens integrated in Unity Pro, together with the diagnostic functions integrated in the device DTMs simplify application maintenance. Processors: page 1/8 Ruggedized Modicon M580 modules: page 3/2 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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