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TeSys U Osicoder Altivar 71 1 to 63 slaves Premium Modicon M340 CANopen bus Modicon STB Lexium 32 Altivar 312 TeSys T

Schneider Electric has selected CANopen for its machines and installations because of its wealth of functions and its resulting benefits in the automation world. This decision was based on the general acceptance of CANopen, and the fact that CANopen products are increasingly used in control system architectures. CANopen is an open network supported by more than 400 companies worldwide, and promoted by CAN in Automation (CiA). CANopen conforms to standards EN 50325-4 and ISO 15745-2. Schneider Electric is heavily involved in working groups, which are important for machine and installation architectures, systems and products. CANopen brings transparency to Ethernet CAN in Automation and Modbus-IDA have worked together to create a standard that ensures total transparency between CANopen and Modbus/TCP. The result of this collaboration has been the CiA DSP309-2 specification, which defines the communication standards between a Modbus/TCP network and a CANopen bus. The specification defines the mapping services which enable CANopen devices to communicate with a Modbus/TCP network through a gateway. The data in a CANopen device can be accessed in both read and write mode. This specification is the first standard available for developing open standard communication between Modbus/TCP and CANopen. It is driving Schneider Electric network solutions toward better integration, diagnostics and configuration of distributed applications. It allows machines and installations to be connected to an Ethernet network continuously, while combining the advantages of each network in its specific area. The CANopen bus is a multi-master bus which ensures reliable, deterministic access to real-time data in control system devices. The CSMA/CA protocol is based on broadcast exchanges, sent cyclically or on an event, to ensure optimum use of the bandwidth. A message handling channel can also be used to define slave parameters. The bus uses a double shielded twisted pair on which, with the Modicon M340 platform, a maximum of 63 devices are connected by daisy-chaining or by tap junctions. The variable data rate between 20 Kbps and 1 Mbps depends on the length of the bus (between 2500 m and 200 m/ 8202 and 66 ft ). Each end of the bus must be fitted with a line terminator. The Modicon M340 automation platform, via its BMXP3420102/20302/20102CL/ 20302CL processor with integrated CANopen link, performs the role of master on the bus.

Modicon M340 automation platform

CANopen machine and installation bus

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