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Connectable devices

Connectable Schneider Electric devices

The following Schneider Electric devices can be connected to the CANopen bus, depending on the model (1) : b Osicoder absolute encoders b TeSys U starter-controllers with LULC08 communication module b TeSys T motor management system, with LTM controller b TeSys D motor-starters using the TeSys Quickfit installation help system with APP1CCO0/O2 communication module b Modicon OTB IP 20 distributed I/O, with Twido I/O expansion modules and OTB interface module b Modicon STB IP 20 modular distributed I/O, with STB NIM interface module b Preventa configurable safety controllers b 0.1815 kW Altivar 312/71/61 variable speed drives for asynchronous motors: b Lexium 32 servo drives for BMH and BSH servo motors b IcLA intelligent compact motor-drives Integration of third-party devices b Unity Pro version u 4.0 offers the Hardware Catalog Manager tool which can be used to integrate third-party devices at an identical level to that of Schneider Electric devices. These third-party devices and their EDS file must conform to the CiA ( CAN In Automation ) standard. The Hardware Catalog Manager tool is used to: v Integrate third-party devices in Unity Pro v Optimize the size of the BMXP3420102 / 20302/20102CL/20302CL processor memory area reserved for PDO ( Process Data Object ) process variables v Customize the parameters specific to each third-party device b Unity Pro version u 4.1 , combined with BMXP3420102 / 20302/20102CL/20302CL processors with integrated CANopen link, can be used to customize configuration of the device Boot Up procedure, and thus be compatible with all commercially- available CANopen third-party products.

___________________________________________________________________________ (1) See our website schneider-electric.com for compatible device versions and their setup software.

Modicon M340 automation platform

CANopen machine and installation bus

Hardware Catalog Manager for integration of third-party devices Processors: page 1/8 Ruggedized Modicon M340 modules: page 3/2 Lexium 32 TeSys Quickit Altivar ATV 312 Modicon OTB

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