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3/2 Processors: page 1/8 Communication: page 2/2 BMXP342020H Modicon M340 automation platform Treatment for severe environments Ruggedized modules Presentation BMXP341000H Presentation Protective treatment of Modicon M340 PLCs Modicon M340 PLCs comply with TC treatment requirements ( T reatment for all C limates). They are designed as standard to operate in temperatures of 0C/ 32F to + 60C/ 140F . For installations in industrial production workshops or environments corresponding to TH ( T reatment for H ot and humid environments), PLCs must be housed in enclosures providing at least IP 54 protection as specified by standard IEC/EN 60529, or an equivalent level of protection according to NEMA 250. Modicon M340 PLCs themselves offer IP 20 degree of protection (1) . They can therefore be installed without an enclosure in reserved access areas that do not exceed pollution level 2 (control room with no dust-producing machinery or activity). Pollution level 2 does not take account of harsher environments, such as those where the air is polluted with dust, fumes, corrosive or radioactive particles, vapours or salts, moulds, insects, etc. Treatment for more severe environments If the Modicon M340 automation platform has to be used in more severe environments or is required to start and operate in an extended temperature range, from - 25C/ - 13F to + 70C/ 158F , the ruggedized offer features industrially hardened processor and power supply modules, Bus X I/O modules and racks which have protective coating on all their circuit boards. Note : Capable of starting within an extended temperature range (from - 25C / - 13F to + 70C / 158F ), a single-rack configuration is also able to operate at extremely low temperatures (to - 40C/- 40F) if placed in an appropriate enclosure. Please consult our Customer Care Centre. This treatment increases the isolation capability of the circuit boards and their resistance to: b Condensation b Dusty atmospheres (conducting foreign particles) b Chemical corrosion, in particular during use in sulphurous atmospheres (oil refinery, purification plant, etc.) or atmospheres containing halogens (chlorine, etc.) This protection, combined with appropriate installation and maintenance, enables Modicon M340 products to be used in the following environments: b Harsh chemical environments: v IEC/EN 60721-3-3 class 3C3: - 14 days; 25C/ 77F /relative humidity 75% - Concentrations (mm 3 /m 3 ): H 2 S: 2100/SO 2 : 1850/Cl 2 : 100 v ISA S71.04 classes G1 to G3: - 14 days; 25C/ 77F /relative humidity 75% - Concentrations (mm 3 /m 3 ): H 2 S: 50/SO 2 : 300/Cl 2 : 10/NO 2 : 1250 v IEC/EN 60068-2-52 salt mist, Kb test severity level 2: - 3 x 24-hour cycles - 5% NaCI - 40C/ 104 F /relative humidity 93% b Extreme climatic environments: v Temperatures from - 25C/ - 13F to + 70C/ 158F v Relative humidity levels up to 93% (95% depending on the device), from + 25C/ 77F to + 70C/ 158F during operation v Formation of ice v Altitudes from 0 to 5000 m/ 16,404.15 ft References and characteristics To order ruggedized modules and racks, see the reference page 3/3 (the references of the ruggedized products available include the suffix H ). All standard separate parts (cordsets, cables, memory cards, sub-bases, etc.) which are compatible with the ruggedized modules offer are listed in the reference pages (see page 3/3). The majority of operating and electrical characteristics of ruggedized modules are identical to those of their equivalent standard versions. However, some characteristics are subject to either derating or limitation. Please consult our website (1) Each slot in a BMXXSP ppp 0 rack is equipped as standard with a protective cover that should only be removed when inserting a module. If any covers are subsequently misplaced, replacements can be ordered under reference BMXXEM010 (sold in lots of 5). 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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