Modicon M340 Plc Page 3-3 Ruggedized Modicon M340 modules

3/3 BMXP34 Modicon M340 ruggedized processors (1) Modicon M340 processor modules are supplied with the BMXRMS008MP Flash memory card. This card performs the following actions transparently: b Backup of the application (program, symbols and constants) supported in the processor's internal RAM which is not backed up b Activation of the Transparent Ready class B10 standard Web server with BMXP341000H Standard processors and BMXP342020H / 20302H Performance processors. This card can be replaced by either of the BMXRMS008MPF or BMXRMS128MPF cards which feature a file storage option. Max. capacity Memory capacity Max. no. of network modules Integrated communication ports Reference Weight kg/ lb 2 racks 512 discrete I/O 128 analog I/O 20 application-specific channels 2048 KB integrated 2 Ethernet networks Modbus serial link BMXP341000H 0.200/ 0.441 4 racks 1024 discrete I/O 256 analog I/O 36 application-specific channels 4096 KB integrated 2 Ethernet networks Modbus serial link Ethernet network BMXP342020H 0.205/ 0.452 Ethernet network CANopen bus BMXP3420302H 0.215/ 0.474 Standard memory cards Description Processor compatibility Capacity Reference Weight kg/ lb Flash memory cards (2) BMXP342020H BMXP3420302H 8 MB/8 MB files BMXRMS008MPF 0.002/ 0.004 8 MB/128 MB files BMXRMS128MPF 0.002/ 0.004 Standard separate parts Description Use Length m/ ft Reference Weight kg/ lb From To Terminal port/USB cordsets Mini B USB port on the Modicon M340 processor Type A USB port on: - PC terminal - Magelis XBTGT/ GK/GTW, GTWHMI, STU/STOHMI fraphic terminal 1.8/ 5.91 BMXXCAUSBH018 0.065/ 0.143 4.5/ 14.76 BMXXCAUSBH045 0.110/ 0.243 Standard replacement part Description Use Processor compatibility Reference Weight kg/ lb 8 MB Flash memory card Supplied as standard with each processor. Used for: - Backing up the program, constants, symbols and data - Activation of class B10 Web server BMXP342020H BMXP3420302H BMXRMS008MP 0.002/ 0.004 Communication BMXNOE0100H/0110H ruggedized Ethernet communication modules Description Data rate Transparent Ready Class Reference Weight kg/ lb Ethernet Modbus/TCP network modules 10/100 Mbps B30 BMXNOE0100H 0.200/ 0.441 C30 BMXNOE0110H 0.200/ 0.441 Ruggedized Profibus DP network gateway Description Protocols Physical layer Reference Weight kg/ lb Profibus Remote Master (PRM) module Modbus TCP 1 Ethernet switch, 2 ports 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX TCSEGPA23F14FK Profibus DP V1 and Profibus PA (via gateway) 1 isolated RS 485 Profibus DP port Standard connection accessory Designation Description RS 232 interface Reference Weight kg/ lb Cordset for DCE terminal (modem, etc.) Equipped with 1 x RJ45 connector and 1 x 9-way male SUB-D connector Length 3 m/ 9.843 ft Simplified 4-wire (RX, TX, RTS and CTS) TCSMCN3M4M3S2 0.150/ 0.331 Full 8-wire (except RI signal) TCSXCN3M4F3S4 0.165/ 0.364 (1) General characteristics are the same as those of the standard equivalent versions (see page 1/8). (2) Cards to replace the memory card supplied as standard with each processor, used for: - Backing up the program, constants, symbols and data - File storage - Activation of class B10 Web server Modicon M340 automation platform Dedicated parts for severe environments Ruggedized processors and communication modules References BMXRMS008MPF/128MPF BMXP3420302H BMXXCAUSBH0 pp TCSEGPA23F14FK BMXNOE0100H/0110H 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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