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4/11 Redundancy Technical information Ethernet network Infrastructure Redundancy To develop high availability applications, redundancy in the networking infrastructure is the answer. Developers can help avoid losing network segments by implementing a single ring or a coupled ring architecture. Single ring The first level of redundancy is achieved by implementing a single ring. ConneXium switches allow the set up of backbone ring configurations. ConneXium switches support three redundancy protocols: HIPER-Ring, MRP, and RSTP. The ring is constructed using HIPER-Ring ports. If an error is detected in one section of the line, a ring structure of up to 50 switches transforms back to a line-type configuration within 0.5 seconds. With a Modicon Quantum or a Modicon M580 Ethernet RIO architecture, the recovery loop can be optimized to less than 50 ms thanks to the RSTP protocol implemented in the different devices. Dual ring The second level of redundancy is achieved by implementing a dual ring. The control intelligence built into ConneXium switches allows the redundant coupling of HIPER-Rings and network segments. As for a single ring, the recovery time can be optimized to less than 50 ms for 16 switches or 32 RIO drop adapters thanks to the RSTP protocol. Mesh topology using the rapid "Spanning Tree" protocol A third level of redundancy can be achieved by implementing a mesh topology. In simple terms,Spaning Tree is a protocol that provides a single path for the signal, when multiple paths exist. If the active path is broken, the Spanning Tree protocol enables one of the alternative paths. ConneXium switches offer this possibility. Security ConneXium firewalls help improve security for industrial networks while meeting the needs for cybersecurity. Firewall rules can be defined to control access levels at the host, protocol, and port levels. Further rules can be defined for other purposes, such as protecting access to Modbus/TCP function codes and register levels, or EtherNet/IP CIP objects and service codes. ConneXium firewalls can also offer layer 3 routing, network address translation (NAT), and virtual private networks (VPN) for advanced security zoning of critical industrial networks. DTE DTE DTE DTE DTE DTE DTE 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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