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A dedicated services offer for your installed base

Schneider Electric, with its experts, products and dedicated tools, provides services such as system design, consultancy, maintenance contracts, modernisation of facilities or delivering projects. The Schneider Electric services offer is structured around several key areas: b Maintenance and support services: v A set of services to help maintain reliability and availability of automated control systems. These services may be the subject of a bespoke maintenance contract to meet your requirements more closely. b Consultancy services: v Diagnostics of the installed base b Modernization solutions: v Migration solutions including consultancy, expertise, tools and technical support to help ensure a smooth transition to newer technology while keeping the wiring and the encoding in most cases. Customization services are also available to accommodate specific requirements. For more information, please consult the specific pages on our website www.schneider-electric.com/automationservices

Maintenance and support services

Spare parts, exchanges and repairs Everything you need to get equipment working again as quickly as possible Solutions to respond very quickly to requests for spare parts, exchanges and repairs to your installed automation equipment (automation platforms, Human Machine Interfaces, drives, distributed I/O): b Spare parts management: v Identification of critical parts v Stock of spare parts: a Schneider Electric owned stock of spare parts, on your site or in one of our warehouses, with immediate availability on site or a contractually agreed delivery time if stored off site v Testing of spare parts stored on site v Automatic stock filling b Repairs: v Broken down products are repaired in a network of worldwide repair centres. For each repaired product, our experts provide a detailed report. b On-site repair: v Our experts knowledge and expertise v Monitoring of specific repair procedures v Availability of our teams to respond 24/7 b Exchanges: v With standard replacements, receive a new or reconditioned product before the broken down product has even been sent back v Fast exchanges offer the option to receive the replacement product within 24 hours (in Europe) Preventive maintenance Improving and guaranteeing the long-term reliability and performance of your installations Schneider Electrics preventive maintenance expert assesses your site, the equipment to be managed and sets up a maintenance program to accommodate specific requirements. A list is provided of the tasks to be performed and their frequency, including site-specific tasks, describing how preventive maintenance is to be managed. Extended warranty An additional manufacturer warranty covering replacement or repair of the equipment The extended warranty offers the option to take out a 3-year warranty. The warranty period can vary according to the geographical area, consult your Customer Care Centre. Online support Access to dedicated experts Priority access to experts who can answer technical questions promptly concerning equipment and software both on sale and no longer commercially available. Software subscription Access to software upgrades and new features By subscribing to software updates, users are able to: b Purchase licences b Receive updates, upgrades, software migrations and transitions b Download software from Schneider Electrics software library

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